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Lakewood Township Committee supports BMG's efforts to receive $4 million federal grant for roads and utilities

Back in March, Georgian Court University announced a sale of 42 acres of mostly unused and undeveloped land from their campus in Lakewood to the Beth Medrash Govoha (BMG) Lakewood yeshiva to allow the yeshiva to expand and add student housing units.

Each year Lakewood's Congressional Delegation, U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Bob Smith, and Congressman Chris Smith solicit projects for Congress's Community Funding Project.

Typically, New Jersey's Congressional Delegation fights for funding for projects which make critical investments in education, water infrastructure and health care services, create good-paying jobs, and lower costs for hardworking families - projects which improve communities across the state.

BMG wants New Jersey's Congressional Delegation to include $4 million of these federal funds to pay for the roads and utilities for the proposed expansion on the existing Georgian Court University campus.

At their upcoming regular meeting this Thursday at 5:30pm, Lakewood's Township Committee is scheduled to adopt a resolution authorizing and supporting the application of a grant for BMG to receive $4 million of these federal taxpayer funds for construction of 2 roads, sidewalks, street lighting and associated improvements, sanitary sewer mains and infrastructure, drinking water mains and infrastructure, stormwater management and drainage infrastructure, and landscaping for the proposed expansion.

The new road will be on a portion of currently undeveloped land that runs parallel to Forest Avenue and extends from 9th Street to 14th Street.

The committee resolution states that the project is anticipated to "alleviate the severe housing shortage present in the Township housing market, ease traffic congestion by taking commuters off the most congested roads, and open a new thoroughfare and exit roads from the College District".

Last year, BMG received $3 million from this federal grant towards this 42 acre land purchase. This money was specifically earmarked to buy the land so they can eventually build a day care center on a portion of the land.



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