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Verizon is proposing to install another cell phone tower in Lakewood - this one at the approximate vicinity of 1364 River Avenue, between the Taubers store and the NJDOT Maintenance Yard.

The proposed tower will be a 140-foot monopole communications tower with an overall height of 145 feet.

Cell phone towers are not a permitted use in most areas of Lakewood and therefore this proposal would require Zoning Board approval.

Additionally, as this location is adjacent to some "historic properties", the project developers are required to first allow public comments regarding potential effects from this site on historic properties. Public comments will be accepted for the next 30 days by email to Trileaf Corp, Courtney Meadows,, or by mail to 8600 LaSalle Rd, Suite 301, Towson, MD 21286.

In June 2021, Verizon installed a similar sized tower behind Finnigans Lanes on Locust Street. At their Zoning Board hearing in March 2021, Verizon’s professionals told the board they anticipate keeping that tower operational for up to eighteen months as they are in the process of acquiring a location in this general area for a more permanent tower.

As such, if approved at the Taubers location, the tower behind Finnigans will likely be removed in the coming months.

Verizon representatives have told the Zoning Board that their current towers around Lakewood have been extremely overwhelmed with increased voice and internet usage since the onset of the pandemic, and with the new tower, in addition to planned upgrades to their existing tower in the John Patrick park on Vine Street, they anticipate addressing most of the capacity issues in the southern section of Lakewood.


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Bottom line. The first lawsuit carved the way for all the rest to come. Now everyone is suing. If the establishment would of been smart enough not to sue its opponents, they would of had abetter life by now