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The Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners are in the process of hiring a Fire Prevention Specialist. They have not yet signed to a final salary, however, their annual budget for this fiscal year appropriates a total of $93,584 in taxpayer funds for this position; $50,000 is for the annual salary for this new position, $33,798 is for Employee Group Health Insurance and $9,786 is for Other Fringe Benefits.

The Lakewood Fire District does not currently have a salaried Fire Prevention Specialist. A number of years ago, they had several volunteer firefighters, at the helm of Volunteer Firefighter Jacob Woolf, visiting camps and schools upon request. A couple of years ago, Firefighter Woolf began to receive a $500 monthly stipend for being the Fire Prevention Coordinator.

On March 29, 2022, the Board of Fire Commissioners took the first step to turning this into an $93,584 annual expenditure by adopting on first reading a resolution creating the paid position of "Fire Prevention Specialist". The resolution notes that this position shall be a minimum of 40 hours per week.

The Board then rushed to adopt this resolution on final passage at the next meeting on April 11.

On April 29, the District published a "request for cover letters and resumes" for this new position. This "request" was for interested candidates to submit a written interest in the position, with the salary to be left up for negotiation at a later date.

The request for cover letters and resumes notes that the position is to:

Perform and coordinate Fire Prevention activities; organizing and coordinating community events, public education programs, and working collaboratively with Fire Department personnel to accomplish Fire Prevention Program objectives. 

Additional duties may include reception and phone coverage and other clerical duties as assigned. The majority of work may be performed in an office environment with trips to locations in the community for the purpose of performing public education activities and pre-incident planning. 

Assist the Fire Chief and others as assigned with administrative functions and special research.

No less than 7 candidates have submitted cover letters and resumes and are now vying for this position; 1) Benjamin Scott Carlin, 2) Jacob Woolf, 3) Craig Bierbaum, 4) Sean Davis, 5) Mitchell Remig, 6) Gerald Hayes, and 7) John Aiello.

The Board of Fire Commissioners have not yet appointed a Fire Prevention Specialist. Their next regular monthly meeting is scheduled for next Monday, August 9th.

A spreadsheet obtained by FAA lists the work done so far this year by the Fire Prevention Coordinator. See list below.

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