To increase safety for pedestrians and motorists, Lakewood Township has begun installation of curb, ADA-compliant curb cuts, and sidewalk along both sides of Ridge Avenue, from Shemen Street to Lanes Mill Road.

Lakewood Township's Department of Public Works has begun to install a temporary asphalt walkway along Ridge Avenue. This work is expected to continue overnight for the next week.

This temporary asphalt will later be replaced with a concrete sidewalk, once engineering design work for the concrete sidewalk is complete.

Colliers Engineering and Design, as engineers on this project for the Township, has already begun survey and design work for this project.

Lakewood's Township Committee is expected, this Thursday, to formally award this design work to Colliers Engineering and Design, for a maximum of $410,500.00 plus $30,000 for reimbursable expenses ($440,500 total). This contract will be funded by a CDBG grant. CDBG funds are federal grants that municipalities across the country receive annually from U.S. Housing and Urban Development for a wide range of community development activities directed toward revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, and providing improved community facilities and services.

The contract includes preparation of the bid specification, advertising, accepting, reviewing and recommending an award for the bid as well as for the supervision of the construction.

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Anonymous said...

Why is the Township installing sidewalk from Shemen to New Hampshire Avenue? Not too many people walk there.

Is the Township zooming to help out certain developers of Yeshiva Netzach Hatorah???

Menash said...

Why is the DPW being told to work on late night overtime hours to hastily install a "temporary" asphalt walkway at a cost of many thousands of dollars, when a permanent cement pavement will be in place shortly after tonight's committee vote to put out the relatively minor job for bid? When did our Committee become so flush with extra cash?

This is especially concerning because the portion of land which the DPW has been working on for days belongs to a private investor (which has been quietly preparing his lot for his school-based development) and its existing walkway is quite safe for pedestrians and far removed from the roadway.

In the meantime, the stretch alongside the road which is actually quite unsafe for people to walk on, is left to wait until they get to it at the end of the job. There’s some shady stuff going on.