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In order to assist first responders in an emergency, public schools and nonpublic schools can soon be required to submit critical incident mapping data to local law enforcement, under a bill which has passed the full legislature and now heads to the governor's desk for final approval.

The bill, S2426 / A3835 passed the full Assembly yesterday and the full Senate on October 17.

Under the bill, all public and non-public schools in New Jersey will be required to provide to local law enforcement authorities their critical mapping data, including; 

·        aerial images of schools;

·        floor plans, including room and suite numbers;

·        building access points;

·        locations of hazardous materials and utility shut-offs; and

·        any other relevant location information.

The bill specifies that schools will need to provide this date in electronic or digital form.

Under current law, public and non-public schools are already required to provide to local law enforcement authorities a copy of the current blueprints and maps of the schools, as well as to provide to law enforcement authorities revised copies any time there is a change to the blueprints or maps.

The new legislation would upgrade the "blueprints and maps" requirements to "all critical incident mapping data".

Additionally, the mapping data provided pursuant to this bill would be required to be compatible with all platforms and applications used by local, State, and federal law enforcement authorities; provided in a printable format; and verified for accuracy through an annual walkthrough of school buildings and school grounds.

The bill is primarily sponsored by Assemblyman Gary Schaer, Joseph Lagana, Angelica Jimenez, and Annette Quijano.


The bill is also co-sponsored by Assemblyman Edward Durr.

As previously reported here on FAA News, another bill sponsored by Assemblyman Gary Schaer would require New Jersey shuls to annually prepare and maintain an emergency operations plan in coordination with the appropriate local emergency response agencies.

That bill also awaits the governor's approval.

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Anonymous said...

Are simcha halls also included in this rule or only when they’re part of a school?

Kalmy Schwartzbaum said...

I heard that as long as all the documents are "pending", they are good to go.

Officer Baum said...

Will the Town officials who do the annual walk-throughs be required to drink a few l'chaim's first, or wear blindfolds?

Jackson'er said...

This could create a problem for yeshivos that operate in homes and basements in Jackson and Toms River...

Be careful of Gary said...

Yeshivos that are afraid of prying eyes seeing their dormitories and boxed in sprinkler systems need to be wary because Gary Schaer could one day say that yeshivos that don't comply will not receive bussing and lunch money.