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The Lakewood Zoning Board's special meeting which was scheduled for tonight to finally approve Lake Terrace's use as a banquet and concert hall has just been cancelled, according to a public notice posted by the Board secretary.

As previously reported here on FAA News, this is not the first time this story has played out.

Lake Terrace also submitted an application last year to the Zoning Board for a Use Variance so they could finally seek legal approval for their banquet hall. While their application was pending they filed a motion to get the judge to declare the lawsuit moot on the basis that "this site is now in the jurisdiction of the Zoning Board". In response, attorneys for Clayton seeked court approval to shut down Lake Terrace until - if, and when - it receives Zoning Board approval. Judge Ford denied to declare the lawsuit moot. A short while later, Lake Terrace mysteriously withdrew their appliance from the Zoning Board.

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