The intersection of Cedar Bridge Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood is slated this coming year to receive some traffic safety upgrades as part of a larger traffic signal upgrades project throughout the county, FAA News has learned.

Ocean County is currently soliciting bids for a project to upgrade a total of 8 existing traffic signals, including at Cedar Bridge Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood, New Hampshire Avenue and Hampshire Hills Road / Bridport Drive in Toms River, 2 traffic signals along Jackson Mills Road in Jackson, 3 traffic signals along Fischer Blvd in Toms River, as well as a traffic signal in Point Pleasant Borough.

These upgrades include modifications to existing equipment, construction of new steel traffic signal and pedestrian signal poles, installation of conduit and wire, modifications to the existing timings in the signal controllers, installation of new video detection and GPS enabled emergency preemptive systems (at the Toms River intersections).

As shown below, the intersection of Cedar Bridge Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood will receive guideline striping in all 4 approaches to assist left-turning vehicles to stay in their lane.

Additionally, to improve safety at night, the traffic signal bulbs on Cedar Bridge Avenue westbound will be replaced and upgraded with optically programmed traffic signal heads which will include a night time automatic dimming and will have a limit of visibility of 860 feet so as to ensure that drivers at the adjacent Flannery Avenue intersection do not get confused by seeing the New Hampshire Avenue intersection signal bulbs.

The New Hampshire Avenue and Hampshire Hills Road / Bridport Drive intersection in Toms River will receive new guideline striping to assist drivers turning left from New Hampshire Avenue onto Hampshire Hills Blvd to turn onto the road and not in to the median.

The traffic signal bulbs will have a backplate with a 2" reflective border so as to be visible even during electrical outages (so drivers will know to treat the non-working signal as an all-way stop).

The traffic control signs will have aluminum back plates as well.

Ocean County officials are expected to formally award the bid in mid-December. Road work is expected to commence in 2023.

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Yisroel Blindman said...

These are really great road safety improvement for this extremely busy intersection!

Thanks for highlighting the project.

Chanina Feldman said...

It's nice to see Ocean County officials doing what governing bodies are supposed to do - use tax revenue they collect from us in ways that benefit EVERYONE, not just took hook up the chosen few.

Lakewood Township officials need to learn how to do the same.

Aliza Kleinberg said...

All this while Ocean County officials continue to REDUCE our taxes year after year!

Lakewood Township lags way behind in both of these abilities, road improvements and reducing taxes