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The completion and opening of Lakewood Township's long-awaited Vermont Avenue Extension project is once again delayed, as the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) has held off issuing the required permits, according to documents obtained by FAA News.

In welcome news to South Lakewood and Toms River residents and commuters, Lakewood Township last year paved the Vermont Avenue Extension from Chestnut Street to the Wawa stub. Unfortunately, however, the road has not yet been opened as DOT is not permitting the Township to open that portion of the road until the Township completes additional paving and other major improvements all the way to the Route 70 & Vermont Avenue intersection.

The Township has so far been unable to complete the intersection improvements because... DOT is not yet satisfied with the Township's engineering plans for that work.

Earlier this month, DOT sent Township officials yet another list of engineering items to fix up. DOT did send a permit for the work, however, as can be seen in the documents below, the permit is "not valid until the intersection improvements construction plans are approved by the Department", and those construction plans are not approved until the Township addresses all items in DOT's letter.

DOT has given the Township 90 days to respond with the information requested.

Town officials are hopeful that this will be the last "additional information required" letter they receive and that the final approval will be granted later in 2023.

Once the final approval is secured, the Township will the be able to bid out the actual road work to a lucky contractor. Construction may start 3 months after the Township begins the bidding process.

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Anonymous said...

Local media reports that the Township received the permits for Vermont Avenue are simply untrue.

All the Township received is a "plans still incomplete" letter.

Traffic will continue to stand still for likely another year.

Anonymous said...

It will be such a mess because they want to make it 1 way only-to have traffic from route 70 pouring onto chestnut street, which will turn Vermont Ave x chestnut into a 4 way intersection chaotic traffic nightmare. They already put up “wrong way/no right turn” signs on chestnut! This plus the mega duplex dump and overdevelopment will make the traffic SO MUCH WORSE than the current horrible it already is. What were they thinking?! Soon their duplexes will be sitting empty when people get so turned off by the horrific traffic and decide to move elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care so much about the traffic? Isn't this what faa wants - More traffic?
Otherwise he would back Jackson's attempt to minimize the building in their community.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:08pm

Who precisely in Jackson is attempting to minimize the building in their community?

Agudah, JJCC, the voters? Please clarify