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Two applications were presented last night to Lakewood Township's Planning Board with requests for waivers from installation of sidewalks.

At the urging of Chairman Moshe Neiman, the Board took a firm stand and conditioned the approvals on installation of the sidewalks.

Application SP 2489 for Chestnut Realty was for a new office building on Chestnut Street in front of the former Charlie Brown's restaurant on Route 70.

The application was represented by Attorney Miriam Weinstein and Engineer Brian Flannery.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the developer seeked a Front Yard Setback Variance of 68 feet where 100 feet is required.

The applicant's professionals testified that this setback fits nicely with the neighborhood as the residential neighborhood across the street is also built close to the road.

No neighbors came to oppose the application.

The developer's Site Plan did not provide a sidewalk along the property's Route 70 frontage, however they did not outright ask the Board for the waiver as they were apparently hoping no one would remember to ask about it.

However, Chairman Neiman astutely noticed that the sidewalk was missing and called it out. At his urging, the Board denied this waiver request and conditioned the approval on installation of sidewalk.

The Board also stipulated that only regular offices are permitted in the building, not medical offices as the Township requires additional parking for medical offices.

Application SP 2475 for Towbin Realty was for a 4-story office building addition to their existing 1-story office building on the west side of Towbin Avenue north of its intersection with Oak Street, in the Lakewood Industrial Park.

There currently is curbing along Towbin Avenue, but no sidewalk.

This application was represented by Attorney Adam Pfeffer and Engineer Brian Flannery.

The developer requested a waiver from installation of installing sidewalk along the property's Towbin Avenue frontage.

At the urging of Chairman Neiman, the Board denied this waiver request as well and conditioned the approval on installation of sidewalk.

This application was originally scheduled to be presented at the Board's September 20th public hearing.

However, the same day, Mr. Pfeffer was informed that a neighbor retained Attorney Rob Shea to oppose the application.

In response Mr. Pfeffer wrote to the Board:

"Please note that I was advised a neighbor is objecting to the Towbin application and has retained the illustrious firm of  RC Shea & Associates. 

"To that end I am requesting this application be carried to the October 25 meeting, so that I can see what items need to be addressed. 

"Thank you for your courtesies."

It appears that since that time, the parties have settled their differences amicably as no one opposed the application last night.

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