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It appears that Lakewood's Township Committee, who are infamous for their never ending creativity, have come up with a solution for insufficient parking problems at Lakewood's southern border - by simply moving those problems further south into neighboring Toms River (it remains unconfirmed whether or not Toms River will pay for this fix).

There used to often be numerous vehicles parked on the shoulders along Locust Street between Vermont Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue, and in the Township-owned D'zio Park lot. The vehicles are driven by residents of the adjacent residential subdivisions and they parked on Locust Street because the Township approved their subdivisions with insufficient parking.

A couple of years ago, however, Township officials decided that their public parking lot was apparently only for "certain public" (who were visiting the park) but not for "this public" (who just happen to live by but who are not visiting the park) and they installed a gate and started locking the gate each night to ensure that nearby residents do not park there. At that point all the vehicles parked only along the shoulders of Locust Street.

Last year, Ocean County repaved this stretch of Locust Street and changed it into a 3-lane road which left no more room for on-street parking.

At that point, all the vehicles began to park along New Hampshire Avenue between Locust Street and Route 70 as that stretch of road has a sufficient shoulder.

However, Lakewood's Township Committee has now decided that they are just way too cool to not be bothered by all the vehicles which just happen to be parked along this road.

To that end, our super cool Township Committee is set, at their upcoming meeting tomorrow, to introduce an Ordinance prohibiting Stopping or Standing on all days at all times along the entire west side of New Hampshire Avenue between Route 70 and Locust Street.

As there is no shoulder space on New Hampshire Avenue north of Route 70, some of these vehicles may need to now relocate south to Toms River.

Apparently that's how our cool Township Committee is solving the insufficient parking problems that they cause!

Isn't that a super cool Township Committee? They sure know how to flex their muscles when there are real problems that need to get fixed!

Speaking about real problems, the Township Committee's proposal - as was first reported here on FAA News - to permit banquet halls in all schools with grossly insufficient parking, is scheduled to be reviewed by the Planning Board this upcoming Tuesday night, starting at 7:00pm. The Planning Board does not permit public comments on proposed ordinances, however, members of the public may watch the meeting in person at Town Hall or online here.

The Township Committee is currently scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on final reading on their ordinance on December 8th. But stay tuned, because, as first busted here on FAA News, there is some major Bnos Brocha collusion going on behind the scenes which may change things... 

Back to the topic on hand, the Township Committee's vote tomorrow to move the insufficient parking problems they cause to Toms River will only be the first vote on the ordinance.

The Township Committee will hold a public hearing and second reading of the proposed ordinance at their following meeting on December 8th. Township Committee meetings are still held virtually, instead of in-person, due to the ongoing pandemic, and public comments are accepted by email and on the phone.

Members of the public who wish to comment on this proposed ordinance may do so by submitting "public portion" comments for this week's meeting, and/or by submitting "second reading ordinance" comments via email up until 11:30 am on the day of the meeting at or during the meeting via Please include your name and address for the record.

Members of the public may also comment live during the meeting (which begins at 5:30pm) on the phone by calling (408) 418-9388, Meeting ID# is 2634-502-0366. All participants will be muted upon entry but may participate by using the *3 key on the phone to raise your hand (this will alert the Township that you wish to speak during the meeting).

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Anonymous said...

One might think that Lakewood's Township Committee would learn from their stupidness and doing things correctly. However, One would be thinking incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

But remember that if Jackson tries to prevent these problems in the first place, this website will call them antisemitic.

Anonymous said...

Has this website ever called anyone anti-Semitic?