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Bais Yaakov of Jackson's application for a campus on East Veterans Highway has been halted, as Ocean County officials have put the brakes on the proposal due to traffic concerns, FAA News has learned.

As first reported here on FAA News, Lakewood's largest school, the Lakewood Cheder / Beis Faiga has submitted an application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for prerequisite environmental permits to build 2 girls elementary schools and a girls high school on a 37.9 acres site at 245 & 279 East Veterans Highway.

Aron Rottenberg, a representative of the school, has told the neighbors that they expect to have 2,500 students arrive on 50 schools buses. The proposed school parking lot can stage 23 buses at once. The parking lot will technically contain 503 parking spaces, however, 136 of these spaces are indicated to be "land banked / recreational area" which means that the area will likely be used for a recreational area and not actual parking.

East Veterans Highway is a narrow, 2 lane collector roadway with barely no shoulders and not many traffic signals to help break traffic. The parallel collector roadway, Butterfly Road looks very much the same.

The residents of Royal Grove, The Vineyards, and the adjacent Dunhill Road, and Butterfly Road are objecting to the school's application due to concerns that the traffic will be too overwhelming for their narrow roadways.

Bais Yaakov of Jackson has also recently filed an application to the Ocean County Planning Board which is especially important as East Veterans Highway is under Ocean County jurisdiction. FAA News has learned that County officials have refused to even hold a hearing on the application due to traffic concerns.

While the application is halted, members of the public may submit comments by email to County Engineer John Ernst at

Prior to last year, Jackson Township prohibited construction of private schools in most zoning districts. However, this school is now able to present its plans as a "permitted use" due to the Preliminary Injunction which Agudath Israel secured, overturning the Township's ban against private schools.

The school application is being represented by Attorney Donna Jennings of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A.

Ms. Jennings also represented Agudath Israel in securing their Preliminary Injunction against Jackson Township.

This isn't the first application that County officials have halted due to the neighbors traffic concerns. As previously reported here on FAA News, County officials also recently put the breaks on an application for a shul on Sunset Road in Lakewood.

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Menachem said...

Bais Reuven Kamenitz managed to get planning board approval to build a huge school together with a banquet hall and another 15 houses on top of that on the very narrow Ridge Avenue. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that their traffic will overwhelm the narrow roadway. Neighbors are already seeing serious traffic problems from the Simcha Hall as a result of this approval. But it's going to get much worse because the school is still only at half capacity, the Hall business is barely underway yet, and the houses haven't yet been built.

The obvious question is what did they do to get this crazy approval that will destroy the neighborhood??

And the unbelievable answer is that the applicant only told half of the truth to the Board. He was very careful to represent that the building was half the size that it really is, the student population was less than half of his true goal, and the banquet hall would accommodate only half the number of people that it can really fit. Apparently, if you get the right professionals to manipulate the truth for you and you apply to the Lakewood planning board, you may actually get away with it!

Chaim Yutz said...

It's all about how you word it, and who you get to say it for you.

Once the hard part of lying to get your approvals is done, then you open your helige cheider and you tell your yingelach that Emes is the ikkar😍

Moisha Weinberg said...

Word on the street in Somerset Walk is that Attorney Miriam Weinstein and Shuie Schmuckler from NewLines Engineering are a great team in getting applications approved the fraudulent way. Also, their friend Abe Aurbach from Regency Development is the Third Musketeer in the fraudulent application process. With that team, even Kaminetz is not the limit!

Anonymous said...

How about we throw out all residents from Royal Grove, The Vineyards, and the adjacent Dunhill Road, and Butterfly Road from the lakewood schools ( because they bring hundreds of children in and out of lakewood every day and tie up our schools and roads and lets see what happens

Anonymous said...

Abe Auerbach is famous for building even before he receives approvals from the proper authorities. There are plenty of examples. He's the go-to-guy to do what others will not.

Developer said...

Hey, just cuz you honest suckers don't know how to play the game, doesn't mean that I can't play my game.

Anonymous said...

The school that plans on building in Jackson wouldn’t even send a Jackson parent an application for their school so I don’t see why they need to build here

Anonymous said...

Maybe it got lost in the mail.

Anonymous said...

We in Jackson want new schools.
We just want it built with balance and thought not just slap up MAXIMUM that is possible.
Why build 3 buildings for 3 schools for 2500 students?
Why not just one building for 1000?

Why must we Jews always push everything when it comes to building well beyond the reasonable with zero thought...
To top it off they clearly stated they will NOT be accepting and Jackson families how crazy is that?!