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In March 2021, Lakewood's Board of Fire Commissioners hired a new clerk, Erin Belfiglio, with a 3 1/2 year contract starting at approximately $44,000 for the first year, and approximately a $1,000 annual raise thereafter.

Apparently, Ms. Belfiglio has been doing a pretty stellar job as, at her request, despite the fact that her contract has yet to expire, the Fire Commissioners are now considering to give her a modest tax-payer funded $11,000 annual raise.

There is no change to her hours and other terms and conditions of employment, other than that she will not receive the typical annual cost of living increase in addition to this $11,000 increase.

The Board of Fire Commissioners first discussed this proposed increase at their August 8th meeting. Ms. Belfiglio requested a raise, Fire District Administrator Yehuda Beer proposed the $11,000 raise, the Board met and conferred and agreed to consent to the salary increase.

At that point, the Board adopted a Resolution on first reading Authorizing the Execution of a Side Letter of Agreement enacting this raise.

All commissioners besides for Larry Loigman voted on first reading to authorize the raise.

The Board of Fire Commissioners will hold a public hearing and final vote on the salary increase at their upcoming monthly meeting on December 6th, 2022 at 7:30pm at 733 Cedar Bridge Avenue, at which time and place any person wishing to be heard shall be given this opportunity.

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Jewish Observer said...

How much do you think she should be paid? Should she work for 25k 15? How about 2500 and a coffee? Why is everything on your site always about conspiracy and how evil ppl are for wanting to get paid adequately for their work? Have you ever met any of the people you so bravely berate time and again? Have you ever called them and sat down and talked? It's a shame that the insight and skill you have Opra and compiling data doesn't come along with the intelligence to realize that no one is giving you good work for free. Pay like a fool get a fool's work

Common sense said...

I'm not so certain what the fire Commissioners did here was so smart or rational. First comment: You should read the article, before you attack the writer. I will point out the obvious, apparently you might have missed most of this. She's a current employee, currently earning double the embarrassing amount you threw out (which BTW many people earn) not nice of you to say. Secondly, it's irresponsible to give a current employee a 25% increase, especially in middle of a contract. This raise was above any normalcy or standards. I'm guessing they don't care like any business & utilizes a profit & statement. They are drunk on power & irresponsible with other people's money. If they were afraid of her leaving and she happened to have demanded a big increase as they are currently offering her, well sorry they need to go out and find a new employee. To bad it will take time to train them in, everyone does it, so should Fire. They shouldn't become Commissioners for the honor and not for what the job requires of them. MAJOR CHUTZPAH WITH OUR TAXPAYER MONEY. It's laziness and careless easily spending of our money, they will need to answer one day to the ultimate judge upstairs. Did they do the right thing with people's limited hard earned money or not?
Lately they keep on increasing spending on big ticket items and they continue to increasing our taxes to accommodate their drunk habits.
Nough said for now.

Anonymous said...

Larry will always vote based on how he can then go to the media and boast how good of a job he is doing. You can come to the meetings to hear the discussions. It’s all public. The issue at hand is the rise in cost living. You can stick to a contract and say no and then risk needing to hire someone new (who will most likely not work for such low pay) or you recognize the good work someone is doing and spend a bit more to retain good talent.