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Whitesville Road / Route 527 from Route 571 to Cox Cro Road in Toms River, which provides access to several "new" neighborhoods as well as shuls, will soon receive major traffic and pedestrian safety improvements including new traffic signals, FAA News has learned.
This afternoon, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners is expected to formally award a $1,197,665.61 road work contract to Edward H. Cray.

The work to be performed under this Contract consists of numerous major traffic safety upgrades to Whitesville Road / Route 527 from Route 571 to Cox Cro Road in Toms River, including:

• Construction of two new traffic signals at Whitesville Road & Stevens Road and Whitesville Road & Riverwood Drive. These new signals will include GPS enabled emergency preemptive systems to quicker turn green when emergency vehicles approach.

• Removal of existing striping and markings, and restriping the entire stretch of Whitesville Road to include a center left turning lane, and a 7 foot wide shoulder on one side of the road.

• Pedestrian crossing safety will be upgraded with the reconstruction of curb ramps as well as construction of pedestrian refuge islands. Signage will be installed to direct pedestrians to use the new crosswalks at the upgraded intersections, and not to cross in the middle of the newly widened roadway. As shown below, some of these signs will be fluorescent yellow-green.

Once the contract is awarded, county officials will meet with the contractor to set up a road work schedule.

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Chaninah Feldman said...

Another amazing Ocean County road work project which will increase safety for all drivers and pedestrians along this major collector roadway!

Riverwood Drive is a great intersection to receive a traffic signal as it is the access way to a big public park.

Goldy Schwartz said...

Thank you Ocean County Board of Commissioners and Ocean County Engineering Department for your continued efforts to address safety and congestion on our roadways!

Kalmy Lowell said...

Whitesville Road serves as a major collector roadway and certain portions of it are busy. The center median will improve safety for pedestrians by providing safer passage. Thank you FAA News for covering all the important news for commuters and for highlighting such a great project!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see the sidewalk completeled. There are areas of whitesville road that don't have sidewalk