After Jackson Township's Zoning Board previously (in October) denied Preliminary and Major Subdivision approval for a residential development with 205 single-family detached residential lots, 6 multi-family residential buildings containing a total of 48 affordable residential units, and a 2-story house of worship, as well as recreational areas, the Board tonight voted to reconsider and approve the Preliminary and Major Subdivision application as well as the Site Plan application for the homes.

The Board carried the Site Plan application for the shul to a future hearing to address some engineering concerns.

The application was submitted by Swanborne LLC. It was represented by Red Bank Attorney John A. Giunco, Esq of Giordano Halleran & Ciesla.

The property is bounded by East Veterans Highway (Ocean County Route 528) to the north, South Hope Chapel Road (Ocean County Route 547) to the east, and Whitesville Road (Ocean County Route 527) to the south and west.

On October 5th, 2022, the Board voted on and failed to approve by a 4 to 4 vote the preliminary subdivision portion of this Application, resulting in a technical denial of the entire Application. The developer contended that there is clear evidence on the record that the Board was mistaken as to which portion of the application was being voted on. (I.e. They thought they were voting on the shul's Site Plan application when they were actually only voting on the initial Subdivision application). As such, the Applicant sought reconsideration by the Board as a result of this mistake.

Not only did the developer receive a Reconsideration of the Board's previous denial of the Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision application, the Board also granted an actual approval of the Subdivision as well as for the Site Plan for the housing component. The Board carried the Site Plan for the shul building.

The Property is approximately 158.8 acres in area and is located in the Township's Regional Growth 2 Zone ("RG-2 Zone"). 

All of the proposed uses are conditionally permitted in the RG-2 Zone. The application required Conditional Use Variance Relief as the Ordinance permits affordable housing units in attached dwellings with a maximum of 4 dwelling units per building and the application is to construct 8 units per building; and to permit parking and drive aisles in the front yard setback and buffer area for the proposed house of worship. 

The project proposes to construct an inclusionary residential development including: 

• 205 single-family detached residential lots (of which 2 are existing residences to remain); 

• 6 multi-family residential buildings containing a total of 48 residential units affordable to very-low, low and moderate income families and individuals; 

• a 2-story house of worship with 8,226 sq feet of building area and associated parking areas;

• a proposed recreation area including an open playing field, basketball court, and timber playset; 

• a lot for a sanitary sewer pump station; and 

• four stormwater management/open space lots.

As the Site Plan depicts, the development is proposed to be built in 3 phases. The shul appears to be included in phase 1.

The Zoning Board is scheduled to further review the Site Plan application for the shul at a future hearing in January. New notices will be provided to the neighbors.

All access to Ocean County roadways will require approval from the Ocean County Planning Board.

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ab said...

1 shul for 250 homes.
Sounds like another Westgate situation.

Anonymous said...

whos the developer?