Ever watched those big red fire engines zoom by and wonder how you can get a hold of one of them as your very own?

Now is your big opportunity!

The Lakewood Fire District is currently selling on an online auction this 2005 Spartan/Marion Firetruck.

It was just removed from service in October 2022.

According to the online listing "it runs, drives, and operates as it should. Ladders, suction hoses, and pike poles as pictured come with the unit. The pump was tested in October 2022."

The truck has run 22842 miles, 1786 hours.

Opening bid is just $35,000.

The auction ends in 7 days, subject to an auto extension of the auction end time.

Bidders may inspect the property prior to bidding. Inspection is by appointment only.

The bid listing can be viewed here.

The Manufacturer's Record of Construction, which has all of the specs, along with the complete terms and conditions, is available on the auction listing page.

The truck being sold was replaced by a 2021 Pierce Pumper which the Fire District purchased in 2020 for a price of $627,412.55.

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Unknown said...

That’s the engine that I trained with and drove back in the day.

Anonymous said...

How about instead of fanning the flames of hate you show up to a meeting and ask why they are doing it? What works for a rural America (which is most likely where it's headed) does not work for Lakewood. Every other town in NJ with the population size of Lakewood has a fully paid department. Here in Lakewood that would mean the budget being increased by 2-3x so be happy we don't have that.

Gavriel said...

@Anon 2:20
What flames of hate is anyone here fanning?

Anonymous said...

So a truck kept in a heated garage with less than 25k miles is worn out and not of use to the town. Paid departments use much much older equipment since most of their budgets do go to salaries. At the population level Lakewood is at, most certainly there should be a 24 hour paid department. But I do think this truck should be used until it's worthless or for many more years at least. The pittance they are asking for it is nothing to off set the cost of the new one.