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As is typical in surrounding municipalities, Lakewood Township contracts out, on an annual basis, their municipal Engineering Department.

For the past number of years, the Engineering Department has been contracted to Remington and Vernick Engineers (RVE).

Under this contract, RVE provides Engineer Jeff Staiger, Assistant Engineer Bill Schwarz, Planning Board Administrator Ally Morris, and Engineering Assistant Sarah Forsyth.

According to the Township's proposal for this position, "the Engineer shall attend and participate in any meetings as directed, supervise the technical aspects of operations of the Engineering Department, answer general questions as posed by Township officials and employees and the general public, provide assistance to Public Works for various minor projects and problem resolutions as requested; review and respond to routine correspondence received by the Engineering Department, review invoices from vendors providing goods and services to the Engineering Department and verify reasonableness of the bill; and participate in the planning and preparation of the Capital Budget, including by giving recommendations and project cost estimates."

For the upcoming 2023 year, 4 firms have submitted proposals for the Township Engineering position, including Lakewood-based NewLines Engineering.

According to their Ownership Disclosure form, NewLines Engineering is owned by Joshua Shmuckler, Yehuda & Renee Ungar, Ephraim & Leah Steinberg, and Glenn Lines.

Currently located in Downtown Lakewood, NewLines has been in business for close to 7 years, obtaining many approvals from Lakewood's land use boards. They are a full service consulting firm which provides surveying, soils, wetlands identification, environmental permitting and civil site plans. They have close to 100 employees including 7 licensed professional engineers, 3 professional planners, 2 licensed professional surveyors, 3 certified wetlands scientists, and 8 survey crews.

Their Chief Engineer Glenn Lines was previously Lakewood Township Assistant Engineer (2000-2001) as well as Engineer (2002-2005), and he has over 30 years experience in civil engineering focusing on Municipal Engineering. Additionally, 3 of their engineers are Certified Municipal Engineers.

NewLines Engineering has also submitted a proposal for the Township's Airport Consultant and Engineer position, which is currently contracted to DY Consultants.

According to the Proposal documents, this position includes, by contract to individual projects:

Preparing plans and/or supervising planning studies for improvements, redevelopment and expansion of the airport, public parking facilities of the airport, airport roadway systems, ground transportation systems, surveillance systems; and checking on plans submitted by architects and contractors, oversee construction, and participate in matters of real estate and zoning issues involving the airport.

Preparing plans as well as lay out the airport plus landing fields and direct construction work involved in leveling fields, laying out surface runways, and also providing drainage.

Preparing budgetary estimates and bid specifications for airport projects and participate in the bidding process.

Design runways based on weight plus size of aircraft and prepare material construction specifications.

Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations, establish reference points, grades and elevations to guide construction.

The Township Committee is expected to formally award all contracted positions at their Reorganization meeting in January.

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Anonymous said...

Lac, the swamp is getting deeper.

Know too much said...

May G-D have mercy on us and protect us from one of the biggest enablers of corruption Lakewood has ever seen. The are many stories circulating about how JS and his Newlines company have gamed the system via all sorts of "less-than-honest" means.

I'd stay away with a ten-foot pole, or our town will get much worse under color-of-legitimacy with even more help from the inside! Hashem Yerachem!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a worse decision than to appoint Newlines as the Township engineer. It would be like hiring the fox to guard the henhouse! Are we really that crazy??