The intersections of Hope Chapel Road / Miller Road in Lakewood and West County Line Road / Brookwood Parkway at the Lakewood / Jackson border are slated to soon receive new traffic signals, FAA News has learned.

Ocean County officials have just begun soliciting bids from prospective bidders for these 2 separate projects.

The project includes installation of an eastbound left turning lane from County Line Road onto Brookwood Parkway. The new traffic signal will include a left turning arrow to provide 10-13 seconds for protected lead left turns. Additionally, guide lines will be striped to assist left turning traffic to ensure no one crashes into the median boulevard. A right turning arrow will be installed on Brookwood Parkway to keep that traffic flowing while County Line Road traffic has protected left turns.

Hope Chapel Road southbound already has a left turning lane. The new traffic signal will include a left turning arrow to provide 10-13 seconds for protected lead left turns. A right turning arrow will be installed on Miller Road to keep that traffic flowing while Hope Chapel Road traffic has protected left turns.

The pedestrian crosswalk signals will only activate at pedestrian actuation. However, the signals will activate automatically on Shabbos (only in Ocean County!).

The project also includes replacing the existing traffic signal at Hope Chapel Road and South Lake Drive and upgrades to the drainage system at that intersection.

To provide more visibility to drivers, all new traffic signal bulbs will have a backplate with a 2″ reflective border, which are more visible and conspicuous in both daytime and nighttime conditions and are advantageous during periods of power outages when the signals would otherwise be dark, providing a visible cue for motorists.

The project includes relocation of curb, sidewalk, and utilities including fire hydrants. That prerequisite work will likely take a number of months before the traffic signal can be installed.

Right-of-way acquisition is already underway and will also need to be completed before the project can commence.

Solicitation of bids will be complete in mid-January. The Ocean County Board of Commissioners are expected to formally award the contract in February.

County Line Road is a continuing project for the county’s engineering department.

In March 2019 the then-Ocean County Board of Freeholders awarded a $1,625,202.67 contract to C.J. Hesse Inc., of Forked River, New Jersey, for widening of the County Line Road/ Brook Road with left turning lanes as well as installation of associated drainage basin on Brook Road to collect the water runoff that will be caused by the additional impervious coverage of the new travel lanes. New curbing was also installed along Brook Road.

This project is already substantially complete.

In October 2021, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners awarded a $267,521.60 contract to J.C. Contracting, Inc. of Rahway, NJ for installation of a new traffic signal at County Line Road and Teaberry Court. Work on that project is underway.

The Ocean County Engineering Department is also planning major improvements to the intersections of Ridge Avenue and Joe Parker as well. The Ocean County Board of Commissioners recently approved funding for that upcoming project. The project has not yet gone out to bid.

As previously reported here on FAA News, using federal funds, Ocean County and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority will soon begin a comprehensive study to bring long-term major traffic improvements to address congestion and safety along portions of Squankum Road and County Line Road in Lakewood.
Solicitation of bids on this study have just been completed and the contract is expected to be awarded in January.

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