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The Lakewood Police Department will be purchasing body armor and applying for participation in a federal program which will make them eligible to acquire (free of charge) excess army weapons and other items, including a van, FAA News has learned.

The Lakewood Township Committee is set to authorize the police department to spend $24,557.58 on body armor for the public’s safety and welfare from Lawmen Supply Company dba Municipal Emergency Services Inc., of Pennsauken, New Jersey.

This purchase will not be bid out as the price falls within the "$17,500-41,000 threshold" for which municipalities are permitted to make purchases from New Jersey State-contracted vendors without having to go through the bidding process, and this vendor is the holder of a New Jersey State contract.

Additionally, the Township Committee is set to authorize the police department to participate in a federal program known as the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) 1033 Program which, in order to enhance community preparedness, response, and resiliency which they might not otherwise be able to afford, makes excess Department of Defense personal property available to local law enforcement agencies.

Under this participation, the police department will be permitted to acquire items of non-controlled property designated “DEMIL A,” which may include office supplies, office furniture, computers, electronic equipment, generators, field packs, non-military vehicles, clothing, traffic and transit signal systems, exercise equipment, farming and moving equipment, storage devices and containers, tools, medical and first aid equipment and supplies, personal protection equipment and supplies, construction materials, lighting supplies, beds and sleeping mats, wet and cold weather equipment and supplies, respirators, binoculars, and any other supplies or equipment of a non-military nature, or certain controlled property designated “DEMIL B through Q” property, M-14 and/or M-16 rifles, Shotguns and Handguns; if such items shall become available.

Additionally, through this program the Lakewood Police Department will acquire a van which the Jackson Township police department obtained through the LESO program and no longer needs. The Lakewood Police Department will use this van to carry and store items for our special events committee, night out, coffee with a cop, car seat safety programs.

The Department of Defense property is provided at no cost to local law enforcement agencies, however they are responsible for the costs associated with delivery, maintenance, fueling, and upkeep of the property, and for specialized training on the operation of any acquired property.

The federal program requires the Township to make available to the public upon request a quarterly accounting of all property obtained through the 1033 Program.

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