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Lakewood Township's Zoning Board tonight denied 2 Use Variance applications.

Application ZB 4261 for River Equities, LLC sought minor subdivision and conditional use relief approval to develop 2 duplex units at the southwest corner of the Route 9 and Buttell Avenue intersection.

The parcel is in the HD-6 zoning district which permits duplexes only conditionally, with a 100 foot Front Yard Setback to Route 9. The applicant sought a variance of providing only 24 feet!

A variance of this magnitude would have violated NJDOT's Desired Typical Section which is the area of land that they are trying to keep clear so they can have room for a possible future widening of the road.

Board members discussed concerns with this issue at length and ultimately voted unanimously to deny the application.

The applicant also did not provide any drainage information, or propose landscaping or street lighting.

The Board also denied Application ZB 4263 from Atlantic Site Construction to legalize using a vacant site at 1122 East County Line Road for an outdoor parking area for their heavy construction machinery.

The site has a previous approval for a 2-story mixed-use office/retail building. Construction on that building is likely still 3 years away as the developers await sewer extension coordination.

Atlantic Site Construction has now requested to legalize their temporary use (up to 3 years) of this area as an outdoor parking area.

Board Chairman Abe Halberstam opined that such a parking lot does not belong in a residential neighborhood.

The Board's motion to approve failed on a 2-5 vote, ultimately denying the application.

The good news is that Board Attorney Jerry Dasti appears to have learned his lesson from his recent disastrous court appearance over the way he drafts the Board's Resolutions of Denial. This time around, Mr. Dasti told the Board members they need to provide him with the reasons for their denial so he could draft a Resolution which could actually withstand a Judicial appeal.

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