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Jackson Township's Zoning Board of Adjustment tonight unanimously approved an application to construct a 140-foot monopole wireless telecommunications facility at Gramme Avenue & Edison Avenue, near the Whitesville Road/ Faraday Avenue intersection, close to the Lakewood border.

The property is owned by Jackson Township MUA. They are leasing the site to Gaelic Communications for installation of this cell tower. Verizon already holds a lease on a slot on the proposed tower. Additional carriers are expected to soon lease slots as well.

Conditional Use Variance relief as well as Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan with the following bulk variances were required:

• Minimum Lot Area of 0.23 acres (10,000 sq feet) where 5 acres are required

• Maximum Height - The ordinance permits cell towers up to 100 feet high where one carrier antenna is proposed and up to 150 feet high where 3 carrier antennas are proposed. The proposed monopole is 140 feet high with one carrier antenna, however, Gaelic Communications intends to lease space to additional carriers in the future.

• Setback to residential zone - 142.6 feet where 500 feet is required

• Township ordinances require a fall zone such that the tower is set back 150% of the height of the tower from any adjoining lot line or nonappurtenant building. As such, the 140 foot high monopole would be required to be setback 210 feet from the adjoining lot line. The application required a variance of only 32.4 feet.

• Landscaping - Township ordinances require a 10 foot minimum landscape buffer of evergreen trees at least 8 feet high at planting, planted in staggered double rows 15 feet on center be provided around the perimeter of the compound to screen the tower compound from view of property used for residences or planned residences. No buffer plantings were proposed.

The application was represented by Attorney Joseph A'Oneill Esq., Engineer Joshua Cottrell, Planner Sean Moronski, and V-COMM Radio Frequency Design Engineer Stephanie Koles.

Stephanie Koles, V-COMM Radio Frequency Design Engineer, testified that Verizon's service in this area is deficient and the new cell tower will greatly boost cell phone service in this area.

Ms. Koles also testified that the proposed tower is in compliance with FCC guidelines.

Planner Sean Moronski testified that a landscaped buffer is not appropriate here because its an industrial zone and heavily wooded.

The applicant proposed a 6 foot high fence. The Board conditioned the approval on the applicant providing an 8 foot high fence.

Unlike when the Lakewood Zoning Board considers cell tower applications, no members of the public spoke up in opposition to the Board approval of construction of the cell tower.

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