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Jackson Township's Planning Board tonight granted final approval for a new residential neighborhood at 233 Grawtown Road, between East Veterans Highway and Whitesville Road.

The application, submitted by GM Grawtown LLC (which is owned by Lakewood developer Mordechai Sternstein), was approved for 48 single family homes, 10 affordable dwelling units and a recreational area.

The application originally sought approval for 49 single family homes and no recreational area. The Board insisted that a recreational area be added, so one home was eliminated to make way for the recreational area.

Each of the single family homes, which will be on lot sizes of a minimum of 10,000 sq feet, will be provided 4 off-street parking spaces.

8 of the affordable units will contain 2 bedrooms. 2 of the affordable units will contain 3 bedrooms. A total of 21 off-street parking spaces will be provided for the affordable units.

The development includes a storm water management lot which will be privately owned and maintained by a homeowners association.

The development will have one access way to Grawtown Road, however the development will also provide an additional connection road to a future development.

Curb and sidewalk will be installed along both sides of the internal roadways within the development and all the Grawtown Road property frontage.

In accordance with the New Jersey Residential Site Improvements Standards the internal roadways will be 30 feet wide. Board members asked the applicant's professionals if this width is sufficient. The applicant declined to grant a wider road.

The Board unanimously granted preliminary and final Major Subdivision approval as well as Site Plan approval for the affordable units.

The use is a conditional use in the RG-2 Zoning District. The application meets or exceeds all of the bulk requirements of this zoning district and so was variance free.

The project just recently secured preliminary sewer and water services approval from the Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority.

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