The narrow stretch of East Kennedy Boulevard from Somerset Avenue to Milano Drive, in front of Rabbi Lefkowitz's Kollel Bnei Torah, is often congested due to numerous cars parked along both sides of the road.

Over the past few years, neighbors have attempted to ease the situation by placing orange cones along one side of the road.

Now, at Rabbi Lefkowitz's request, and at the recommendation of the Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit, the Township Committee is set to introduce Ordinance 2023-015 which will formally prohibit stopping or standing at all times along the north side of East Kennedy Boulevard from the prolonged curb line of Somerset Avenue and East Kennedy Boulevard and extending in an easterly direction to Milano Drive.

Thursday's vote will be on first reading. The Township Committee will hold a public hearing and second reading on the ordinance on March 16.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's about time Kennedy boulevard got widened and was opened up from squankum road all the way through!