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The Misameach Spreading Smiles organization, founded by R' Lipa Schwartz, is seeking Township funding to support and boost their job training efforts.

R' Lipa made a presentation at yesterday's Lakewood Development Corporation meeting regarding the job training programs his organization providing.

As its name sounds, Misameach started initially as a non profit organization dedicated to lifting spirits and spreading smiles through a variety of opportunities for families to meet, relax, and recharge, amidst being challenged by illness, special needs, divorce, or loss.

The center is staffed by local volunteers.

R' Lipa shared with the Lakewood Development Corporation that at some point Misameach began holding vocational training classes both for the families for whom Misameach was originally started, as well as for the volunteer staff members, many of whom are local teenagers who need a way to stay out of trouble.

Many of these classes are in music, cooking and baking, e-commerce, arts, and photography.

These classes have connected the teenagers to get meaningful jobs in local companies as well as to start their own companies.

"We are trying to accomplish many different goals and ways. The staff originally come to volunteer for our family center, but then we help keep them out of trouble and into meaningful jobs," said R' Lipa.

Currently, Misameach leases space in a shopping center at the Lakewood/ Jackson border on West County Line Road. However, to expand their services and house their family center in their own spacious facility, in May 2021 Misameach purchased a 1.08 acres township-owned lot on the north side of Cedar Bridge Avenue near the Washington Square apartments & shopping center.

The Lakewood Township Committee formally put this lot up for sale under a public auction but with a deed restriction that the property shall, in perpetuity, be restricted to and remain in non-profit ownership and non-profit use for community services to provide charitable/benevolent services for those in need. Misameach was the sole bidder at $324,000.

In November 2021, Misameach secured Zoning Board approval for their new building which will contain a game room, party room, light and dark room, kiddie area, music room, a gym, and other rooms on the 14,764 sq feet first floor as well as a fitness room and flex space in the basement.

The parking lot will contain approximately 30 parking spaces.

Construction is in full swing for the family center.

R' Lipa indicated that the new center will have training rooms including a kitchen for the cooking and baking classes.

LDC Board Member Mike McNeil, who is a retired Manufacturing Engineer in Frequency Engineering at the U.S. Department of Defense, enthusiastically offered to get onboard in helping boost this program saying that he has "always been into job training." He specifically suggested that they look into offering classes on manufacturing such as reading scales and micrometers.

LDC Board Chairman Abe Mueller echoed enthusiasm about Misameach's work saying the job training "enhances the economic level of Lakewood."

Misameach is expected to soon submit a formal request for financial support from the Township which the LDC will consider at an upcoming meeting.

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