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Gregg Staffordsmith, Sr was appointed tonight by Jackson Township's Council to membership on the Township's Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Staffordsmith will fill the unexpired term (ending June 30, 2023) of Joseph Riccardi. Riccardi was also appointed tonight to fill the unexpired term (ending June 30, 2025) of John Spalthoff.

Staffordsmith has, for many years, served on a number of boards in Lakewood, including the Industrial Commission, Housing Authority, and Utilities Advisory Committee.

Staffordsmith now lives in Jackson and he has been vocal at numerous Town Hall meetings regarding land use development in the Township. This likely lead to tonight's appointment.

In his day job he is the managing partner of Welcome Home Investments.

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Anonymous said...

CORRUPTION!! BREAKING!!! well how is he still controlling who runs for Lakewood republican club?? their bylaws state he needs to be a Lakewood resident and he doesn't live in Lakewood, the candidates on the Ballot this June primary are in violation of the local republican bylaws as many many of the voters on the Lakewood republican club that chose the candidates are not Lakewood residents and as per their own bylaws are not permitted to vote!!

two candidates running in republican primary may be removed from the ballot!!

Republican said...

We must immediately invalidate the nominees voted on by the Lakewood Republican Club (LRC). As a republican I find it repulsive to use this shenanigan to install nominees to the exclusion of others.

Anonymous said...

Why are we waking up now? The filing deadline has come and gone. Any grievances should have been brought up already. It's too late now to fix the corruption on the Republican side of the ticket... this year.

Anonymous said...

Its fraud. Its not too late for anything. These ppl are representing our town and we need to hold them accountable. People that dont live in lakewod should have zero say in what happens here. There are a few powerfull people in lakewod that dont live here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, another similar scandal is occurring at Lakewood’s MUA, where out of towners vote to raise the water & sewer rates of Lakewood residents. Plus they get thousands of dollars w/ benefits for doing so. These Commissioners are installed to their positions by our Committee-men. They also install themselves and their spouses to these work-free salary “jobs” even though they don’t live in the MUA territory and will not be negatively affected every time they vote to raise our rates, so they can give themselves more benefits. Interestingly, they also pay themselves a multiple of eight times higher than the prevailing salaries in surrounding towns for these same positions.