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Contractors working for Ocean County today installed a new traffic signal at the intersection of Locust Street and Vermont Avenue. The intersection was also widened with left turning lanes in all 4 approaches.

The traffic signal will be activated once it receives its electric drop by JCP&L.

Once activated, the light will be steady green for Vermont Avenue, and will only turn green for Locust Street when vehicles are queued on Locust Street, or when a pedestrian pushes the crosswalk signal button. The Locust Avenue green light will be augmented to remain green longer on weekdays between 9:00-11:00am (for school bus traffic). 


The pedestrian signal will only be lit when the crosswalk signal is pushed by a pedestrian waiting to cross. However, on Shabbos, the timers will be set to automatically activate the pedestrian crosswalk every cycle, according to the project plans obtained by FAA News.

This project, known as "Traffic Signal 2019a", was awarded, back in December 2019, by the then-Ocean County Board of Freeholders, to Earle Asphalt Company for $1,282,513.13.

Work first began in February 2020.

The work included widening the roadway to accommodate the new left turning lanes, as well as relocating the existing curb and sidewalk to make way for the road widening. An existing water main was also relocated to make way for the new curb. Numerous utility poles also needed to be relocated. This work was finally completed a few months ago.

The project also included installation of a brand new sidewalk along the west side of Vermont Avenue (along the funeral home property) all the way to Route 70. A portion of this sidewalk was funded by the Township of Lakewood.


The installation of the traffic signal components was delayed until now due to COVID related lags and setbacks for manufacturing companies.

For a few years, every time it rained heavily this intersection got majorly flooded. This was due to the newly raised storm water drainage basins which were raised to meet the level of the new pavement - which was not repaved until now. With the completion of this major project, hopefully the intersection will no longer flood.

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