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The Jackson Township Planning Board on Monday night granted Final Major Site Plan Approval for 279 town homes in section 2 of the Jackson Woods South East development.

The Jackson Development Company is planning to construct a total of 465 homes in Jackson Woods South East, off of Freehold Road, which is located in the Township's Planned Mixed Unit Residential Development zone.

Section 1, which has already received Preliminary and Final approval, will consist of 186 town houses. This phase is already over construction.

Section 2, which will consist of an additional 279 town homes, previously received Preliminary approval. They now returned to the Board for their Final approval.

Many of the homes will include basements. The Site Plan depicts off-road curb cut areas dedicated for additional parking, as well as widened sidewalks to accommodate a bike path. A community center is included in phase 1.

Their application was represented by Attorney Ronald Shimanowitz and Engineer and Project Manager Mark Lescavage.

Typically, once developments receive Preliminary approval, they can receive Final approval administratively as long as their final plans conform exactly to their preliminary plans.

In this case however, a Board review of the final plans was necessary as the rear yard lot lines were extended in order to accommodate the decks.

The applicant's professionals testified that the modified lot lines means that the open space area will be diminished in size, however it will still meet or exceed the Township's Open Space requirements for this zoning district.

Mr. Lescavage also noted that the Ocean County Planning Board is requiring the developer to install a left turn lane from Freehold Road, so, although he doesn't think it is necessary for traffic flow, he agrees to do this construction work.

The Planning Board granted Final approval for this major application despite that no legal notice was published to the public and neighbors.

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