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Jackson Township's Planning Board on Monday night granted Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Approval to replace the former Shore Community bank pad site in the Jackson Crossings shopping center on East Veterans Highway with a new 5,200 sq foot building.

The application was represented by Attorney Donna Jennings Esq., Engineer Ian Borden, and Architect Melissa Mermelstein.

The site is located in the HC zoning district, in which shopping centers are a permitted use. The application did not seek any bulk variances, but did seek a few design exceptions.

No new driveways will be constructed for the new building as all existing site features will be used to accommodate this new building as well.

Ms. Jennings told the Board that the building was designed to accommodate up to 3 end users, and that as of now, there are no tenants signed up so the end users may be either retail or office users.

No medical office use is proposed as that would require additional parking.

Mr. Borden told the Board that there is currently a total of 75,000 sq feet of commercial space and 425 off-street parking spaces in this shopping center which was originally approved in 2005.

For this new building, 19 of the existing parking spaces will be replaced and 7 new parking spaces will be constructed, so there will be a total of 432 off-street parking spaces, which equates to 5.41 parking spaces per 1,000 sq feet of commercial space. Mr. Borden told the Board that "this is an adequate amount of parking for this shopping center," and in fact it is more than surrounding municipalities require for shopping center parking lots.

In response, Board Chairman Tzvi Herman stated that the parking lot at the shopping center across the road is always at capacity.

Mr. Borden further testified that water and sewer service lines are already available in front of the new building.

At the request of the Board, the applicant agreed to provide a 4 foot wide walkway in front of the new building and also to install new sidewalk to the existing buildings.

The only item of concern for the Board is that there is no set delivery loading area provided, which may be necessary due to potentially having 3 retail stores here. In response Ms. Jennings agreed to stipulate that all deliveries will be scheduled only for off-peak shopping hours.

No members of the public spoke up regarding this application.

In summation, Ms. Jennings told the Board that this new building will be a more efficient use of land and attract more customers to come to the shopping center so it's a positive for the Town.

The Board unanimously approved the application.

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