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At Lakewood Township Committee's regular monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon, which lasted a total of 16 minutes, a number of residents voiced several concerns and asked the Committee if they had anything to respond.

The members of the Township Committee, who are our elected representatives, did not give much of any response.

Central Avenue resident Avi Gordon, who has submitted public comments in the past, submitted an email commenting that the Township keeps on approving construction of more developments, while at the same time not doing any infrastructure improvements. "What are you doing regarding the current gridlock?," he asked.

7th Street resident Boruch Mandel, who has also submitted public comments in the past, asked the Committee to comment on how they feel about their colleague Mike D'Elia and the fact that he is too unwell to attend any Committee meeting. He also asked the Committee how they felt about their meetings being held virtually instead of in person and open to the public.

Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller responded that he appreciates meeting virtually as he is currently deployed "far away from Lakewood" and therefore, if tonight's meeting was not held virtually, he would not have been able to attend the meeting.

Other than that response, Mayor Coles and the rest of the Committee did not give any response to the residents concerns.

Oh, actually Deputy Mayor Miller did have one more thing to say. He invited everyone to join in the Township's upcoming Memorial Day parade.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does Menashe Miller also think the Memorial Day Parade should be held virtually too or Covid will be taking a break for those a few hours, only to make a comeback right before the next twp meeting?