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In a story first reported by Hefkervelt, anonymously written signs have been posted in Beth Medrash Govoha decrying the "threat to kedushas shabbos" caused by construction of Eruvin, especially with people possibly now carrying on Route 9.

Free Translation below:

This letter was inspired by a recent gathering held, boosted with the participation of Rabbonim and Roshei Chabura, to call out against those who want to destroy the holiness of Shabbos.

Throughout all the years of Beth Medrash Govoha's existence, all the Roshei Yeshiva strongly opposed the establishment of large scale Eiruven which are built using major kulos, and especially against the establishment of any Eiruv that includes Route 9.

Shockingly, now there are those who seek to cause serious desecrations to Shabbos - for now and for future generations to come - by establishing big Eiruven in the Township.

Their explanation is that they are looking out for those who are carrying and fail to pay attention to the limits of the small eiruven.

Anyone who hears this claim should shudder!

They will argue that "Bnei Torah will not ever think or want to start using our Eiruven," but we know from experience that this is inaccurate and it will lead to many nisyonos.

Anyone has the capability to stand for Kedushas Shabbos and against the establishment of these eiruvin must do so!

Unfortunately, the followers of Maran Harav Kotler have decreased. Therefore it is especially imperative that we strengthen each other to push back and continue to stay strong to the Rosh Yeshiva's mehalech!

The sign is anonymously signed "Students of Beth Medrash Govoha."

In February 2018, Hefkervelt reported here of plans for a new large scale Eruv in Lakewood. That Eruv did not include Route 9.

In November 2021, The Lakewood Scoop reported here of plans by Chassidishe kehillos to establish a large scale "south side of town" Eruv. According to that report, that Eruv also did not cross Route 9.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing to worry about!

I just got off the phone with Mayor Coles.

He assured me that he is working behind the scenes to ensure that "all the rest of the students" are "strongly encouraged" to sign their own letter assuring that "everyone knows" that they don't stand with these "anonymous singular students who only voiced their own personal opinion."

#HighRiseBuilding #FireCommissioners


Eiruv Rav said...

The "threat to kedushas shabbos" is when people from out of town come here to visit, and carry outside by mistake, because someone put his "Chumrah" on others. Which other frum city doesn't have a Eiruv (at least Bdieved)

Anonymous said...

The smaller eruvin in each side of rt 9 isn’t an issue if done properly and checked ea erev shabbos the big issue is rt 8 which is a 专砖讜转 讛专讘讬诐 诪讚讗讜专讬讬转讗 according to many 砖讬讟讜转 unless you close down route 9 (and I’m not sure would help anyways)
To include and enclose it within halachic boundaries of an eruv

Anonymous said...

This is where the "break" will happen between the chasidim and ADEIRI-HATORAH.

The satmars don't advocate for an Eiruv, only the belzers and vishnitz chasidim.

get both satmars, to advocate for no large eiruv.

Anonymous said...

Im asking this insistently - what about all the other Poiskim that hold that you can??? Reb Moshe discusses both sides - but those that allow it are not causing Michshul. They learned the sugya a different way. My way or the high way DOES NOT EXIST in yidishkeit - when it comes to Chumros . If Sfardim are allowed to rip packaging with letters on it on shabbos lichatchi帽s - it means they are being Michalel shabbos because you hold it’s assur???

BTW the cookie cutter system does NOT work any more - it causes more harm then good. If you think cookie cutter systems works you don’t belong in Chinuch.