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Former Jackson Township Council President Martin Flemming tonight formally acknowledged that he does intend to fully resign from the Council.

However, he added that that will happen "soon, but not yet."

As previously reported here on FAA News, at last month's Council meeting, Flemming resigned from his post as Council President, however, he indicated that he will remain a regular member of the Council.

At tonight's Council meeting, Sheldon Hoffstein, a former member of Jackson's Zoning Board member, asked Flemming what his future intentions are.

Flemming responded that he does not intend to remain on the Council for the entirety of the remainder of his term, and his resignation will come "soon - but not yet."

"If you are going to be leaving the Council soon, it's a little inappropriate to still be making decisions why affect 58,000 Township residents. You should therefore consider leave sooner rather than later, as if you do resign soon I'm sure everyone here will thank you for your service," Hoffstein shot back.

Hoffstein also inquired whether Flemming is still a resident of the Township, being that he recently sold his home and other properties in the Township that he owns.

Flemming responded that he is currently still a resident as he is now renting the home which he just sold.

Hoffstein also asked Stephen Chisholm, Flemming's successor as Council President, "as new Council President, do you have an agenda for improving the lives of Jackson residents?"

Chisolm responded, "this is not a campaign and I did not put forth my agenda. My agenda is 'the people's agenda.' So if you have a Resolution or Ordinance which you would like to see introduced, I would love to speak to you about it."

Hoffstein retorted, "that's just passing the buck. You're not answering the question."

Chisolm responded, "I thought I did answer the question."

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