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Lakewood contractors Supreme Builders and Atlantic Site Construction have placed a $20,500 contractor's lien against Congregation Ohr Yisroel Sadigura which is located at 53 Holly Street, FAA News has learned.

The lien is for unpaid excavating, utility, and paving work.

The work was done pursuant to a contract agreement signed in April 2016. All of the work was complete in June 2022 - a whole year ago.

The contractors gave the congregation 90 days notice of this unpaid bill prior to placing the lien.

Construction liens provide a potent remedy for contractors, subcontractors and vendors, who have not been paid for work they have properly performed.

Construction liens exist to provide an effective mechanism for contractors to be paid what they have earned for completed work.

The power to place a lien on property is a powerful tool to compel delinquent owners to ensure that payment is made.

A construction lien gives a contractor or subcontractor which did work, or a vendor which supplied goods, services or equipment, on a construction project an interest in the property.

It is generally difficult or impossible for owners to sell property when there is a construction lien. This gives owners a powerful incentive to pay what is owed, and to force a contractor to pay its subcontractors and vendors. 

It also allows a contractor which prevails in a suit the ability to use the property for payment of the debt it is owed. The proceeds will be paid out of any sale, and the owner will not be able to obtain credit or financing without paying off the lien.

Public records obtained by FAA News indicate that Congregation Ohr Yisroel Sadigura has a history of receiving contractors liens.

In May 2020, Schindler Elevator Corporation placed a $63,952 lien against the congregation for unpaid elevator installation work. This lien was settled and lifted in August 2020.

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Not a chosid said...

Sadigura doesn't plan to ever sell their building, so they don't care. But at the same time, how do the people davening there expect their tefillos to get answered while they're davening in a place of gezeilah?

Does their Rebbe know about this? Because he inherited a lot of money and should be able to settle this right away.

Anonymous said...

Pure Gezeila!! I’m not surprised at all…. It isn’t there Shul to begin with. One of the previous Rebbe son’s is supposed to be the Rov there, everyone knows that. They just barged in and installed their own so called “Rov”! And the way they’ve been treating the previous Rebbe Almonoh and the rest of the family is abhorrent to say the least. they’ll never have any hatzlocho as long as they don’t vacate and ask mechila from her and the family.

Sam said...

@Anonymous You’re totally right. Everyone knows Reb Elyokim Getzel is supposed to be the Rov. After all he is/was destined to live in Lakewood, (He’s a Eidem there) that’s why the previous Rebbe built it!
Time will tell.

Heimish Litvak said...

I strongly admire Reb Eliyahu Getzel, after all he was supposed to be the Rov, He just walked away and never speaks about it, pure benshak. I would never be able to withstand the agmas nefesh.

ab said...

So many righteous commentor without knowing the facts. But they are big tzadikim and know about tefillos being answered.