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Lakewood Township officials claim that the police department is deployed in full force securing our roads and enforcing traffic regulations.

Somehow, the number of motor vehicle crashes continues to soar, with over 100 more crashes in May than in April.

Specifically, the number of pedestrians struck in the Township rose more than double from April to May.

As previously reported here on FAA News, at the last Township Committee meeting, Central Avenue resident Avi Gordon said "Lakewood has 3 pedestrians hit per week. That is not ok." He asked why traffic safety isn't taken into consideration as more and more construction is approved.

Mayor Coles agreed that 3 pedestrians struck per week is not ok, however, he did not give any response to Mr. Gordon's question.

Total Crashes 453

Pedestrian struck 19

Entrapment 1

Vehicle into building 2

No injuries 328

Crashes with injuries 44

Hit and Run with no injuries 51


Police vehicle 2

APRIL 2023

Total Crashes 352

Pedestrian struck 9

Overturned vehicles 1

Vehicle into building 2

No injuries 264

Crashes with injuries 41

Hit and Run with no injuries 31

Hit and Run with injuries 1

DWI with no injuries 1


Police Vehicle 1

Total for 2023 to date

Total Crashes 2,158

Pedestrian struck 71 (an average of 3.34 per week)

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