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Prospect Street and Massachusetts Avenue residents have long been waiting for meaningful traffic congestion improvements.

Finally, a new roadway improvements project is finally on the "not too long off" horizon.

Frances Street is paved in the back of Prospect Square. It is also paved off Massachusetts Avenue, near the water tower. However, there is approximately one block of length for which the road is not paved. This land was cleared a couple of years ago and some residents have been using it to cut-through.

Now, the Township is finally getting close to doing a real paving job on this single stretch of the road, which, once complete, aims to bring meaningful traffic congestion relief to both the Prospect Street and Massachusetts Avenue developments (albeit, it will also bring extra traffic through the local Prospect Square development).

Township officials recently solicited bids from prospective contractors for this project. The solicitation process is now complete. 2 bids were received.

On Thursday afternoon, Lakewood's Township Committee is set to award a contract for the paving of this road to Earle Asphalt Company of Farmingdale, New Jersey. The contract tab is $773,313.13.

The Scope of work for this Contract includes, but is not limited to, road construction, paving, concrete sidewalk, concrete driveway aprons, curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, curb, pavement striping, tree removal, inlet repairs, retaining walls, installation of inlets and pipes, installation of rain gardens, and site restoration from the Amsterdam Avenue intersection to Massachusetts Avenue.

Per the Township's resolution of contract award, the Township intends to commence work as soon as possible after the contract award, and all work on this contract shall be completed within 90 calendar days.

The award shall further be subjected to the securing of necessary State, Federal or Local permits governing the work.

The lucky contractor is required to comply with the requirements of Affirmative Action, New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

As previously reported here on FAA News, back in February 2023, Township officials bonded (i.e. took out a loan) $19 million to help fund some pretty major infrastructure improvements, including the Frances Street Roadway Improvements project.

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