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At Tuesday night's Jackson Township Council meeting, a frum resident of Jackson who has been actively involved in local republican politics, called out an LNN article for what she considered "attacks" on Council leadership.

The article shows pictures from the Township's Memorial Day parade, and claims that in the pictures, Eleanor Hannum, "an avowed anti-Semite and anti-Jewish-development activist, was handing out flyers to... council members Steve Chisholm and Nino Borrelli."

The frum resident called this "an attack on the Township's new Council President and Vice President," adding that "the pictures actually show that Chisolm's hands are folded and Borrelli's hands are in his pockets, so obviously they were not taking any anti-semitic pamphlets from anyone."

The speaker added that she has been actively involved in local republican politics for some time, and, in her time on the Jackson Republican Club, she "had the honor of screening former Council President Martin Flemming, now President Stephen Chisholm and Vice President Nino Borrelli, who she truly admired and respected, and, all of whom were unanimously approved by our screening committee."

She called for unity, noting that while "a lot of us do agree with each other and a lot of us do not agree with each other, we're all here in Jackson and we're all one community."

At that point, pandemonium broke out, leading Councilwoman Jennifer Kuhn to call an end to the meeting.

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1 comment:

Kalmy Weinman said...

Curiously, LNN massively under-reported this story.

On their WhatsApp Group, they wrote simply that "things got ugly at tonight's Jackson Council meeting when James Rapp, who had spent close to 10 minutes railing against the 'overdevelopment' of Jackson and was asked to sit down, continued to interrupt the next speaker during the public comment portion... Councilwoman Kuhn wisely took the liberty of calling an end to the meeting at this time."

LNN did not make any mention that "the next speaker" was speaking against their article.