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Over the last few days, many Lakewood residents have received in the mail flyers attacking Rabbi Dovid Markin, a Dayan in Beis Havaad.

In response, FAA News took a deep dive into the matter to ascertain what's going on here.

The topic at hand involves a divorce matter which was arbitrated by Rabbi Markin.

The parties entered into a Marital Separation Agreement (MSA) which is a signed divorce agreement specifying how to divide financial assets and debts including a marital home, provide schedules for child custody and visitation and determines spousal and child support.

The MSA included a clause that permits the parents to relocate up to 75 miles away from each other (in order so that the other parent should not need to travel too far to see their children).

Several years after the divorce, the mother wanted to relocate with the children away from Lakewood, within 75 linear miles away. The father strongly opposed this relocation as it would cause a considerable reduction in visitation time due to the travel time between the two cities.

The parties arbitrated their dispute before the agreed upon Dayan (arbitrator), Rabbi Markin.

Essentially, the father wanted Rabbi Markin to modify the MSA and prohibit the mother from relocating away from Lakewood.

Ultimately, Rabbi Markin upheld the MSA and permitted the mother to relocate away from Lakewood. Rabbi Markin ruled this way in accordance with Bais Havaad policy which is to affirm MSA's as much as possible.

It appears that the flyers have been mailed out to Lakewood residents in an attempt to intimidate the arbitrator to change his ruling.

Of note is that FAA News has learned of credible allegations that the father hired Avrohom Lehrer, a private investigator at TOT Private Consulting, and urged him to plant illegal drugs in the mother's vehicle in a desperate attempt to have her arrested so that he could then get full custody of the children. Additionally, the father attempted to have him place illegal drugs in Rabbi Markin's vehicle as a way to be able to get him arrested; further in order to intimidate him to change his ruling!

Ironically, what the father did not know is that the private investigator actually has a history of alerting law enforcement of illicit behavior. In fact, back in 2016 it was this investigator who reported to the FBI that three individuals had recruited him to kidnap and murder a particular individual in order to obtain a get for that individual’s wife. All three individuals were arrested.

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Anonymous said...

So why isn't the father arrested?

Anonymous said...

Because it's a lie.

There is information which are false, but some individuals aren't concerned with that.

They also don't put on some comments, obviously.

Yudel Shain said...

This is all fake news, never happened.

Anonymous said...

You mean the divorce never happened - more fake News.