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This matter sure deserves to "be OPRA'd!"

The vendor which used to service the Township of Jackson with an OPRA request fulfillment service has just slammed the Township with a lawsuit alleging non-payment for 2 years.

The vendor is Manasquan, New Jersey-based Property Pilot LLC d/b/a GovPilot.

According to the Complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County by Roseland Attorney Douglas S. Schwartz Esq.:

The parties entered into a 5 year contract whereby GovPilot was to supply the Township with goods and/or services including the use of proprietary software.

The Township agreed to pay GovPilot $53,328.00 per year for a term of 5 years.

GovPilot fulfilled their part of the deal and delivered the goods and/or performed the services.

However, the Township never paid for the last 2 years of the service contract, which means they owe the company a base amount of $106,656.

Additionally, pursuant to the terms of the contract, the Township is also liable for interest and attorney’s fees.

GovPilot has demanded payment from the Township and payment has not been made.

The 6-count civil complaint alleges claims for; 1) breach of contract, 2) book account, 3) payment for goods delivered and/or services performed, 4) payment for reasonable value of goods delivered and/or services performed, 5) breach of promise, and 6) unjust enrichment.

The Complaint demands judgment against the Township in the amount $106,656.00, plus attorney’s fees, costs of suit, interest and any other amounts that the Plaintiff may be legally entitled.

The matter has been assigned to Judge Robert Brenner.

The Township has 35 days to formulate an Answer to the Complaint.

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