R' Aron (Arthur) Lang, who has spent nearly a decade fighting the State of New Jersey for adequate funding for bussing for Lakewood's students, has been retaliated against after tweeting out calls for action to get new candidates to run for membership on the Lakewood Board of Education, FAA News has shockingly learned.

R' Lang recently posted messages on his Twitter account urging for eligible candidates to file petitions to run for membership on the Lakewood Board of Education.

Subsequently, he submitted a request to the Board of Education requesting a promotion.

In his letter, he emphasized that, over a number of years, instead of getting at least a "thank you" for his tireless efforts on behalf of all students in Lakewood, he has repeatedly been retaliated against.

The letter, in part, states:

"It is a bizayon that I have to run around asking for help, to appear before the Roshei Yeshiva as a victim, when I am fighting the full might and power of the State of NJ on behalf of Lakewood and Lakewood cannot do anything against you. A hundred years from now no one is going to care that I had no parnasa, or perhaps they will care and cast those responsible as villains, but they will certainly will care if the school formula is fixed.

"Here is the list of how I have been retaliated against:

1) I had honors classes the whole day, and now I teach the lowest-level classes.

2) I was not hired for summer school in 2019 when I did it every year. Instead, a new teacher, who did not even begin the year in the district, was hired.

3) I was transferred to the middle school to teach algebra when my subject was geometry and the high school needed seven math teachers.

4) I lost my after-school job and it still has not been restored except for one year (see 6).

5) I lost my extra $1,000 a month job to teach an extra course in geometry.

6) Somehow the superintendent did not know the principal hired me last year for summer school and I broke the record for getting the most kids to pass our online courses. Despite this, the superintendent hired a new teacher this year to do the online course to teach geometry when this teacher only teaches algebra. And the taxpayers would not have had to hire a history teacher. I am two teachers in one.

7) The Igud person was malbain p'anei chavairo in 2014 with BOE members snickering at me saying, "You see they don't hold of you," when someone stood up and angrily shouted at me twice, "No one writes the Commissioner without our permission." Then they went around to raise $40,000 to hire an attorney to do what I was doing for free. I just wanted a promotion.

8) In 2014, someone said that he does not trust me to hold the Superintendent position. What in the world is this trust thing? Did they think I would steal money? I think they meant the opposite because both of us had a reputation for honesty. Anyone with any integrity, vision, or competence is not trusted to do their bidding. This is the opposite of how organizations in America are run, not caring about the bottom line, but wanting to promote some perverted notion of trust...

"I am going to do the job anyway , either reluctantly or happily (if the district makes amends), but it would be so much more gratifying if I did not have all this resentment against you and the administration. I am one of the only teachers in the state certified in two subjects as distinct as math and history, have taught every subject, and have a vision for the district. I earned a promotion, and am entitled to one, regardless of my worth to the organization for taking up its cause for over nine years now...

"I am tired of dealing with power brokers and running to the Roshei Yeshiva on my own behalf. It is a bizayon. Lakewood needs me. If you have a job for me, and it is for real, then I will meet...


"Five times I was disappointed because of your hemming and hoeing, running around in circles and acting like you have no influence when I know for a fact that you got people jobs. I know that you play games with the mosdos, as all funding comes through the district, and you love keeping people guessing. I represented one school when you held back funding, of course, legally. Your position in Lakewood is tenuous and threatened by my success, and for your opposition to the litigation.


But guess what? The people can't do anything because of this old-world mentality of speaking with one voice and that we all have achdus. You have total control and the DOE, and I would assume the legislature, knows it. I am tired of this ridiculous system in which every group is confined to its own sphere, jealous of its own turf, all intertwined with each other and controlling elections. The Vaad won't interfere in BOE matters and the BOE is a bunch of scaredy cats. In any place else in this great nation, a faction would form behind a man with vision, run its own candidates of like mindedness in either party or just for the sake of seizing the opportunity to govern, win, and take power."

In an apparent move of retaliation against R' Lang for calling for fresh blood on the Lakewood Board of Education, (which could lead to the end of Michael Inzelbuch's costly contract as Board Counsel), Mr. Inzelbuch ignored his passionate request for a fair promotion. Moreover, the letter was immediately released to The Lakewood Scoop, which inaccurately posted the story with a scewed headline that Mr. Lang is "set to resign due to not receiving promotion."

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ab said...

Michael Inzelbuch is a cancer to this town. We desperately need to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

I was told that The BOE Attorney wants Yudel Shain on the BOE, so there will be transparency and accountability.

Time will tell if he could get thing done.

Yudel has a vort "You can't soar with the Eagles when you work with quacking Turkeys".