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Hagaon HaRav Shlomo Zalman Kaufman Zt"l, a Rov and dayan in the Chestnut Ridge area of Monsey, was suddenly niftar on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 71.

Two days before he passed away, Rabbi Kaufman visited a man in jail and attempted to convince him to give his wife a get.

The man has not paid child support for some time and has not given a get. As paying child support is a legal obligation, his estranged wife recently got him arrested for failing to pay child support.

Rabbi Kaufman went to Rikers Island where the man is in custody, and attempted to convince him to give his wife a get, telling him that in exchange, his wife will waive her rights to child support.

The man resisted Rabbi Kaufman's efforts.


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Anonymous said...

The woman has been withholding him from seeing his children for many years.

Of course she has been hiding this fact by claiming simply that "the children have chosen to live only with their mother," and that "he made it more difficult for himself to see his children by relocating from Brooklyn to Monsey."

Anonymous said...

Strange headline. Hes been engaged in that kind of stuff for years. Part of what he did. He happened to have suddenly died. Seems like you're positing some kind of connection between the two.

Anonymous said...

Is the point of this article that he died because he helped put a Jewish father in jail?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the article is just stating facts, you can make your own calculations. Some say he was a big trading so much so that he got to gobto Gan Eden for the mitzvah of supporting to keep fathers in Jail, others say that the blow to his ego by the refusal of the father to engage with him when he tried to visit the father in jail, was over the top and caused cardiac arrest.

Anonymous said...

If it would have been jail for child support + a Heter Bais Din, it might have been ok but this jail is nothing but pulling out a Get (without ever seeing the kids again) by using jail.

Anonymous said...

Settle the visits dispute and she gets a Get

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the Yingerman isn't giving a get because the wife wont allow him and the kids to meet.

The wife had him arrest (on the basis of not paying child support - which he isn't paying for the same reason as not giving the Get).

Kaufman went to the jail not to settle the fight and allow kids and father to meet, he went there to offer him to get out of jail if he gives a Get and never see his kids

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan said...

It is a ื—ื™ืœื•ืœ ื”ืฉื to promote ื’ื˜ ืžืขื•ืฉื”

Yaakov said...

Unfortunately every Get has 3 sides His side her side and the the truth. No one comes out a winner but no one looses as much as the kids. SAD SAD SAD.

Anonymous said...

As an unnamed professional in the Field of Gitten, Din Torahs and being familiar with the (Defendant) deceased for many years, etc.

The ืื‘ื™ื”ื ืฉืœ ื™ืชื•ืžื™ื filed a class action suit in the ื‘ื™ืช ื“ื™ืŸ ืฉืœ ืžืขืœื” and requested an emergency injunction against the defendant deceased, and it was granted, albeit too late for many of the injured plaintiffs.

Anonymous said...

The affected live orphans and some of their parents are awaiting the judgment of the ultimate Court to hand down their ruling against Avi Kahan and his cohorts.

The fact that his congregation threw him out and the so-called sham Bet Din was dismantled is not sufficient, as he is still causing untold harm to innocents.

There should be a Nuremberg Court set up for these types of individuals.

Anonymous said...

In divorces, often, there 2 sides, with 3 sets of facts.

However, there are divorces with 2 sides, but 1 set of facts.

The true facts.

So why is it that the side with the side which is in the right doesn't get custody? Its because of mental illness and the corrupt "Rabbis" (these are call themself Rabbis with no sense or yiras shmayaim) and so called lay leaders who use their power to not only allow the side in the wrong, the side with mental illness to get custody, they actively pursue and use all their means.

The corruption that occurs daily in the court and (some) bais din systems is disgusting.

By the Egla Arufa, we say "yodeunu lo shofcho es Hadam" - our hands have no spilled blood.

To all those who who malicously helped those they know are wrong, even if they are a family member. Asid Litan es Hadin -they will ultimately get what they deserve. Hashem has his ways. Be forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Please stay away from Avi Kahan who continues to deceive people and was just kicked out by his own shul after so many years of hurt he put onto his community .
Always speak to Das Torah or your Rabbi if ever confronted byAvi Kahan. Most Rabbanim are aware of his evil nature and how many broken families suffered in the Monsey community and beyond.
He is extremely persuasive which makes him more dangerous. Stay away from him at all cost to protect your family. He is a Torah desecrator and will go to any extent to get power over his victims. Speak to the Rabbanim in Monsey.

Anonymous said...

Avi Kahan has set up a center in Monsey with the name Derech Shslom. In fact the goal of the center is to empower woman to have the courage to leave their husband if they feel wronged. They even provide free advocates for woman to convince the bais din that they deserve a get. All woman going to the center for help with shalom bayis are guided towards divorce.

Anonymous said...

Please steer clear of Avi Kahan . Many people believe he is a sociopath who has caused significant harm to numerous families. He deceives others into believing he is a caring person to gain their trust and gather information, which he later uses against them. He now controls Derech Shalom Center and Concord Mediation. Avoid him at all costs.