Photos credit: Yaakov Wilson / Hamodia

Um.... Yeah!

Har Shalom Cemetery, where the Rachmastrivka Rebbe was just laid to rest, is located in Airmont, but very close to Chestnut Ridge.

Apparently, Chestnut Ridge village officials are upset that they did not receive sufficient advance notice prior to the big levaya which caused extensive traffic in their village.

In fact, they are so upset that their Special Counsel wrote a letter to Cemetery officials demanding that in the future, they be provided notice "at least six months in advance" of a big funeral.

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Anonymous said...

Read the letter?
Ai much?

001 said...

I agree with the village that it is unacceptable to be left in the dark regarding the road closures but I find it strange, funny & at the same time angry at the inconsiderate way of addressing the matter, ask the mayor if he knows he’ll die in 6 months..
What should’ve been done was notify the PD/village as soon as the cemetery got word of the matter.

Anonymous said...

The letter should be written to Ramapo Polica dept who closed the streets and took charge

ab said...

They just want a seat at the table with the askunim. While the letter is poorly written, the intention is clear.
And Har Shalom didn't close streets. The crowds where overwhelming causing gridlock.

Anonymous said...

With all the respect to you and everyone here in this chat

The village of Chestnut Ridge is 100 percent correct in its arguments and yes it was terribly mismanaged and poorly coordinated

However the question here is why the cemetery is being blamed since it was officially controlled by local law enforcement agencies including but not limited to the town of Ramapo police department (the entity that provides policing for the above mentioned village), county sheriff, and state police.

Yes the fact that the village claims that it wasn’t notified can’t be justified (if found truthful) however the blame is on the police department and town for issuing an authorization without allegedly doing a real traffic study and/or notifying in a timely manner all the entities and municipalities that might be affected from such an event

Now in regards to their demand of being notified 6 months in advance and having their officials to be consulted might look a bit like a power grab however it’s nothing more then reasonable, especially if this plan was planned months in advance.

With that said the village of Chestnut Ridge is 100 percent right with their arguments although I would agree that they could’ve used better wording

TG said...

This letter is getting blown way out of proportion. Clearly, the letter writer meant to write 6 "hours" instead of months. The incorrectly used word was just a simple typo due to the haste in which the letter was typed up.

Stop making a big deal over nothing and just give 6 hours notice and everything will be okay.

Anonymous said...

Instead of being busy with atv’s horses etc, they could’ve just contacted Chestnut Ridge officials and plan am alternative route for its residents

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should tell the village every day to be prepared for 6 months in advance and if there’s no funeral like this they can say either the person “didn’t die on our schedule” or “for some reason not so many people showed up “

Anonymous said...

The levaya was an unmitigated disaster for residents off of Route 45 and Pinebrook in Chestnut Ridge, and now we find out that they weren't even involved in planning the levaya??!

They absolutely should be notified if there's a probable chance of a large scale levaya within 6 months!