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The Lakewood-based Accurate Builders and Developers has been slammed with a personal injury lawsuit, FAA News has learned

The civil complaint also names as defendants Advanced Contractor Corporation, Bayonne Redevelopers Urban Renewal, Block 780 LLC, Fernando Drywall, Leonardo Gonzalez, Jesse Ben Harosh, JMF Properties, Pinya Nakdimeh, RD Management LLC, Remarkable Associates LLC, and Wall to Wall Framing LLC.

The plaintiff is New Brunswick resident Isauro Quiroz-raino.

According to the civil complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County by New Brunswick Attorney Elias Arroyo Esq.:

On May 24, 2021, Quiroz-raino was working for the developers at a construction site in Homdel.

While working with the scope of his employment, he performed certain worksite duties including framing when a plywood supporting him split in half and gave way, causing him to fall from a rolling scaffold. As a result, he sustained severe, debilitating and permanent injuries.

At all relevant times the defendants were the suppliers and/or owners of the construction equipment and worksite in question, and were otherwise in a position so as to have a duty for safety on the job site, the breach of which resulted in the injuries in question.

The developers created the dangerous condition or unsafe workplace situation and/or substantial certainty of harm which resulted in the complained of  incident and injuries, or are otherwise liable for failure to provide safe access to the worksite locations and a safe working environment.

The developers failed to comply with safety regulations, failed to properly supervise the job, failed to properly supervise the construction on site, failed to maintain the property and worksite in a reasonably safe condition, failed to supervise and enforce safety rules, created the dangerous condition, failed to hire safety competent contractors, created a substantial certainty of harm to the Plaintiff, caused the incident at issue, or otherwise breached duties having proximately caused the incident and injuries Plaintiff suffered.

At the time of the incident, the premises controlled by the developers were permitted to exist in an unreasonably dangerously condition and/or caused the incident at issue.

As a direct and proximate result of the unreasonably dangerous conditions on the premises, and as a result of the acts and omissions and/or unreasonable conduct complained of herein, the Plaintiff was caused to suffer severe and painful bodily injuries, which have caused and will in the future continue to cause him severe pain and suffering, which have caused and will in the future cause him to incur medical treatment and care. Additionally, the injuries have caused him disabilities which have and will in the future render him incapable of pursuing his regular occupation, activities, and pursuits.

The 3-count Complaint demands judgment for compensatory damages and punitive damages together with legal fees and costs of suit.

Accurate Builders and Developers, which is owned by Yaakov (Jack) Klugmann, has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

What’s new lol. Large companies get served with lawsuits all the time. I wonder if Jack himself even knows about it. That’s why you have attorneys on Payroll. For lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like Inaccurate Builders to me!

Anonymous said...

Plaintiff doesn't want to settle with insurance company.

Anway, got paid by worker's comp insurance company.