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Rabbi Avi Schnall has suddenly decide to run against Assemblyman Ned Thomson, who has been in office since 2017.

Election filing documents obtained by FAA News reveal that Rabbi Schnall's campaign office is... Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein's office!

In essence, the guy behind Rabbi Schnall's campaign is Meir Lichtenstein!

This is extremely revealing as to any agendas as Mr. Lichtenstein is the one pushing for all the overdevelopment - which causes additional traffic-congestion and increased taxes - in Lakewood.

As the architect of the Township's 2017 Master Plan, Meir Lichtenstein has been working hard to secure State Plan Endorsement which will permit for an increase in permitted impervious cover and a reduction in vegetative cover requirements (i.e. overdevelopment).

As previously reported here on FAA News, the currently seated State officials have halted this process until the Township implements certain infrastructure improvements.

Clearly, a vote for Avi Schnall is a vote for Meir Lichtenstein's unabated overdevelopment agenda.


Rabbi Schnall is campaigning on catchy slogans of "safer streets and more funding for school bussing." The campaign is specifically highlighting that our state owned roads need to be made safer.

Ironically, Lakewood's land use boards meet several times monthly to hear applications for all sorts of continued overdevelopment. The vast majority of these applications seek various variances, and often the developers - including of schools - attempt to sneak away from requirements to install sidewalks and street lights. Subsequently, these very same schools then beg the Township to provide them with street lights at taxpayer expense!

Curiously, "safer streets advocate" Rabbi Schnall has not once been seen advocating at these boards for any safety at all.

In fact, when the Lakewood Zoning Board freely granted waivers to developers from installing sidewalks along Route 70 - where a teenager was killed earlier this year - "safer streets advocate" Rabbi Schnall was AWOL.

Now let's discuss the "funding for bussing" advocacy zeal.

R' Aron Lang has been heroically fighting heavily in court for close to a decade to get more school aid funding including for bussing. Ironically, "school bus funding advocate" Rabbi Schnall has not supported these efforts one single iota.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Rabbi Schnall a Rabbi ? What does his congregation say about his lack of interest in public safety?

Anonymous said...

Avi Schnall wants to upgrade our state roads??

When Jack Ciattarelli campaigned for governor, he openly committed to widen Route 9. Yet, Avi Schnall insisted that we all better vote for Murphy.

Now all of a sudden, Schnall is advocating to upgrade our state roads??


Anonymous said...

Pls do not call him rabbi. No beard. No yoreh yoreh.

Anonymous said...

I love this. They are finally discussing real issues that need to be addressed on a township and boe level. Busses are a disaster we need to disband the LSTA they had their chance. Roads are unsafe what is the township doing about it. There are more township roads then state roads in this town! This November remeber this campaign when you vote on a local level. Our tax dollars are not hefker. Tax abatements for the wealthy and well connected. Street vacations for the well connected. A planning and zoning board with total disregard for safety or regular quality of life of this town. And a fire commisioner office they have elections too that are running like a private club with total disregard for what they were elected to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how this is a news item. Schnall is running as a Democrat. Lichtenstein is a local Democrat. It's typical for local politicians from the same party to share campaign resources. This post is making news out of an obvious point.

Anonymous said...

Avi Schnall pulled out last time because he wanted more dineros' from Agudah. Agudah gave him some agurot, so he rejoined them and pulled out of the election.

He will do the same again in order to milk some other cow.

Who's next?

Anonymous said...

Let Meir Lichtenstein run for the NJ Senate and we solve two problems at once.

Anonymous said...

It's actually revealing as it exposes a hole and the lies that the campaign will try to spin and market.
if you read the article the hypocrisy is blatant as Lichtenstein is responsible along with Ray Coles and other committee members for the current conditions on Lakewood roads. They were in charge for the past 20 years and have ignored the plight of thousands of residents who came down over the years as the masterplan meetings begging pleading to stop the building until infrastructure improvements are done,instead lakewood today is a parking lot with pedestrians getting killed and injured on unsafe roads. For schnall to all of a sudden pretend to care about safety and start blaming the state is not only ludicrous but a insult to Lakewood residents who were used and taken advantage of. Schnall going to the state ain't gonna change anything.

As for getting more money for busing and for Lakewood schnall and Lichtenstein have not supported Arthur Lang in his lonely battle over the last 9 years while Lichtenstein and his buddies raised their salaries and increased taxes on Lakewood residents but thousands of dollars.
We won't be fooled
Vote out local politicians who did this.