Currently, there is no nighttime activity on the runway at Lakewood Airport. However, this will likely soon change, FAA News has learned.

The Lakewood Industrial Commission, which owns the airport did a project a few years ago to remove obstructions and to make it possible to enable nighttime activity on the runway.

The upgrades have been in place already for 2-3 years, however, no nighttime activity has begun yet as it just takes time to get everything need into the FAA databases.

Finally this work is moving along, LIC Executive Director Steven Reinman recently stated.

The main thing waiting to be done is for the FAA to do an aerial survey to confirm that it's safe for pilots to come in the cover of darkness and with no obstructions. This survey work is expected to finally be implemented shortly, stated Mr. Reinman.

Township officials have also been planning for a number of years to construct a helipad on the airport and clear obstructions near the fencing along the Church and Dwight property. Mr. Reinman said that these projects should be moving into the implementation phase in the next few months and will hopefully be completed early next year.

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