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A helicopter flying too low at the Lakewood Airport has hit and damaged several umbrellas at the aircraft viewing area, FAA News has learned.

The helicopter operator has acknowledged responsibility for the damage, LIC Executive Director Steven Reinman confirmed.

Township officials are working on planning the repair and getting a price for him to repay for the repairs.

Prior to May 2021, the airport had a very small aircraft viewing area which did not include more than a couple of benches in front of the fence.

As the aircraft viewing area has been enjoyed by more and more families appreciating the views and open space, in May 2021, to make way for more family enjoyment, the Lakewood Industrial Commission (LIC) upgraded the area with 6 food court style tables and 3 grills.

The tables feature umbrellas that can be opened on sunny days.

The LIC purchased the equipment from MRC, Inc. of Spring Lake, NJ for $14,500. Lakewood Public Works did the installation work.

The newly upgraded aircraft viewing area has enhanced the public use of the airport as well as the safe interaction with the airport's facilities, allowing families to enjoy the space and equipment while catching views of the aircraft taking off and landing nearby.

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