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LSTA sure is frustrating. Not even my son's school can get them to assist!

Everyone in my sons route (i.e. in our neighborhood who go to the same school) got picked up for bussing but for some reason my son did not.

I reached out to the school staff for assistance.

LSTA responded flat out that they simply "don't do any changes till after Succos." For the time being, they "graciously" offered that in the morning my son can get on a bus a few blocks away and in the afternoon we can drive across Route 9 and a few more blocks and wait there for him to get dropped off!

This is extremely unfair. My wife and I both work and our schedules simply do not permit for us to drive blocks away very day. Right now my only option is to miss davening every day so I can get my son to school.

Additionally, why does LSTA insist on a "policy" of "no changes until after Succos" especially when they are the ones who messed us up to begin with?

This town...........

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Lakewood Development Corporation gave LSTA a $2 million loan to ensure that they have sufficient wherewithal to get school buses rolling for the start of the new school year, without needing to wait for the State funding to kick in. The loan is from UEZ funding.

Mayor Coles explained that UEZ funding - which is typically used to boost business economics in the Township - would be appropriate for this loan, as, this loan would support the ability of the Township’s economic resources to operate with a predictable and smooth flow of traffic; I.e. school buses for students would ensure that the parents can remain at their businesses without needing to carpool their children.

It certainly raises eyebrows when a loan of such a significant sum, which was given "to ensure that the parents can remain at their businesses without needing to carpool their children," doesn't seem to be living up to it's very purpose!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a lawsuit is the only language they will understand.

Yudel Shain said...

The LSTA is a fraudulent entity, being backed by corruption.

They don't care about the safety of children at all.

The are liars, putting it mildly.

The ones in charge should be kicked out and honest organized people should run it.

I complained to the and the the LPD numerous times, and only minor items were addressed.

Either kick out management or close them up.

Anonymous said...

If you live several blocks away from the next closest student in your school then you will receive aid in lieu instead of bussing.

Anonymous said...

OP- send the LSTA your request via email. No if they don't respond you have proof and they can lose their funding.

Anonymous said...

OP here. I was told to fill out the form online. There is no email to contact and no phone to call. I don’t want to be that parent but I may just have to sue.

Shloimy Weiss said...

Perhaps, if the $2 million loan had been awarded at a meeting that actually complied with the Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act, then the loan would be "favorably guided from above."

However, because, as reported at, it remains questionable if; 1) the LDC complied with the OPMA requirement to "deliver [adequate notice] to at least two newspapers?;" and 2) if the LDC with the requirement "to allow public comments to be submitted... in written letter form by a reasonable deadline?," perhaps Senator Baer is rolling in his grave instead of lauding this loan.

001 said...

Time for a class action law suit.
Suing is the only language the township understands- even that barely

Anonymous said...

Remember that your votes do count.
There are a few good people who are willing to put forth good changes in this town.

Anonymous said...

Send your email to

Tracht! said...

The schools are unwittingly in cahoops with the LSTA. The schools are the ones who must collect the fees from the parents, however they have no say in any decision regarding the LSTA so the LSTA is not beholden to the parents and the school which the parents are beholden are the ones who collect the payments.
If the lsta would have to collect payments from the parents directly they would have to be much more receptive to any requests for complaints.