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Most likely everyone is familiar with the tiering of the school bus schedules, which was set up a number of years ago to ensure we have a sufficient number of bus pick-ups for everyone.

Essentially, this means that the first hour of transportation is for the public high school students, then the public elementary school students and Mesivta students, followed by nonpublic elementary and primary students. In the afternoon this is basically reversed.

Based on this schedule, my 6 and 11 year old daughters are supposed to be in school on Friday only 9:15-11:00.

Yes, I understand that this is simply a result of the fact that we need to tier the bus runs.

However, that is only half the problem.

My daughter's bus only arrived this Friday morning around 10:00. We inquired of the driver why he arrived so late. He explained that based on his earlier schedules, he can only begin our route at 9:15!

As a result, my daughters only arrived at school at 10:20, a mere 40 minutes before they were dismissed!

The schools and LSTA responded simply by asking parents "to be patient with bus transportation as it takes time for it to fall in place."

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Lakewood Development Corporation gave LSTA a $2 million loan to ensure that they have sufficient wherewithal to get school buses rolling for the start of the new school year, without needing to wait for the State funding to kick in. The loan is from UEZ funding.

Mayor Coles explained that UEZ funding - which is typically used to boost business economics in the Township - would be appropriate for this loan, as, this loan would support the ability of the Township’s economic resources to operate with a predictable and smooth flow of traffic; I.e. school buses for students would ensure that the parents can remain at their businesses without needing to carpool their children.

It once again raises eyebrows when a loan of such a significant sum, which was given "to ensure that the parents can remain at their businesses without needing to carpool their children," doesn't seem to be living up to it's very purpose!

When asked for comment, LDC Executive Director David Klein and the LDC Board of Trustees just gave blank looks.

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Anonymous said...

The Lakewood Development Corporation provided a $2 Million dollar loan.. They DONT RUN THE BUSSING OPERATION... DUH! Call the LSTA if you want to complain. David Klein and the LDC Board have NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!

Anonymous said...

LSTA needs to be abolished!
Every year we go through the same heartache.
They obviously can't handle the job they've been tasked to do, they ought to put down the keys and let someone else take over.
For some reason the chassidim are able to get things working fine.

Anonymous said...

Any abolishing in Lakewood is delegated to MENASHE THE ABOLISHER.

He's a proven expert abolisher. Just take a look at how he got rid of the rent control board. He's your man. Go get him.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:50pm explained perfectly what the problems with our Township officials are!

That's like the Zoning Board saying, "we only approved the apartment building, we have no responsibility regarding the traffic mess it caused!"

Yudel Shain said...

You have the wrong overpaid people involved with the defunct LSTA.

Safety of the children is the last of of their priorities.

Tell them talk is cheap.