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Assemblyman Ned Thomson, who is seeking a contentious challenge by Lakewood's R' Avi Schnall, recently visited the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI).

Thomson was accompanied by Senator Bob Singer and Ocean County Commissioner candidate Frank Sadeghi.

As seen in the photos, the Republican lawmakers are proudly smiling and going elbow to elbow with SCHI founder Rabbi Osher Eisemann.

Avi Schnall who is challenging Assemblyman Thomson has apparently NOT paid a campaign stop at SCHI.

This is not the first time that Avi Schnall had way more important issues on his agenda than Rabbi Eisemann's ongoing legal saga.

The governor can grant executive clemency before charges are filed; while charges are pending; or following conclusion of proceedings. Yet, in all this time, Avi Schnall - who has had multiple public visits with the governor - has never discussed Rabbi Eisemann's ongoing legal saga with the governor.

In fact, during Governor Murphy's reelection campaign stop in Lakewood, Avi Schnall (along with help from Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein) - who worked VERY hard to get the governor reelected - went so far to ensure that no frum newspaper or media site would question the governor about his support (or lack thereof) Rabbi Eisemann!

R' Schnall is facing a tumultuous campaign. Despite that residents have begun to receive vote-by-mail ballots, according to the Asbury Park Press, the Lakewood Vaad has not yet decided which candidate to endorse.

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Anonymous said...

Avi Schnall always had a guide for all of his decisions, he never deviated from any thing the instructed him to do.

That guide was the "Mirror". he only saw one thing that mattered to him.

We only vote for those individual to remove them from office.

Anonymous said...

I think I speak for many in Lakewood, when I say that I will vote AGAINST Avi Schnall, who brought an unmitigated disaster on Yidden in NJ through his Jackson lawsuits which helped antisemitism flourish.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody so anti Schnall?

First of all because he's running as a Democrat joining a party of רשעים רוצחים who are bringing sdom and amorah to our communities that's for a start

The sinas Yisrael it is already causing among the neighbors of republican Ocean county look how the surrounding towns are responding putting us in potential Sakana

Challenging a republican incumbent who was nice helpful to our community going against what even the vaad always preaches Hakoras Hatov to incumbents
He is the face of Jackson lawsuits even if it was right but there's animosity to the olam

He's not supporting Arthur Lang in bringing tuition relief to Lakewood

Anonymous said...

If he gets Murphy to pardon Eiseman will you vote for him after Murphy cones to Lakewood to endorse hom in a rally

Anonymous said...

The democrats would do anything to flip the 30th but they know lakewood did not vote for Murphy, they must have given a word about a pardon in order to get the local vote and they will endorse shnall with that campaign promise with moetzes backing

Anonymous said...

Even if Murphy pardons reb osher it won't give shnall more votes it will only make more sinas yisroel as Murphy and the democrats are using us to get back at the Republicans