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Rabbi Avi Schnall, who is running as a Democrat against Assemblyman Ned Thomson, took to LinkedIn to write his opposition to tuition relief vouchers.

In his post he wrote:

We've never advocated for funding that directly covers the Standard educational programs that our schools provide.

There's always a catch.

If the state is funding something, they may then decide to regulate how it is being provided.

If they cover the costs of the instructions, they can tell us what to teach and how to teach it and who can teach it.

Is it a risk we're willing to take?

The full post is below:

The Lakewood Vaad joined in, writing:

A word on School Vouchers for our private schools:  Elementary and High School public education funding in New Jersey has been historically covered by local real estate taxes.  Any voucher plan for private school children, even if ever passed, would surely be no different. There is not a single Senator or Assemblyman who supports State funded vouchers. We would of course love to see a State funded Voucher bill for private school kids, which would make a fundamental difference in our lives.   None of the candidates support such a bill, its passage is highly unlikely, and State funding for it non-existing. In short – we do not support a Voucher bill that requires our local Lakewood taxpayers to pay huge new taxes for their own children.

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Anonymous said...

Idiot. It works in NYC and brought relief to so many families, it can be a game changer, seems like he prefers a poverty and dependent voters.

Anonymous said...

It's funny bec it's his party running that is pushing the involvement in public schools in the state that he's criticizing.