• There is no Democrat State with a successful voucher/scholarship tax credit program

(Illinois had a 60-million-dollar program that is not working out. Schnall likes to point to Maryland. To the extent there is any tuition relief there it was pushed by Governor Hogan – a Republican.)

Rabbi Schnall is promising that if elected he will finally bring much needed tuition relief for Lakewood. He, and only he, will succeed where no one else has. 

However, a voucher program can only work when it drains students from the public school system. Otherwise, it just leads to higher taxes. The Democrat party and the Teacher’s Union who control them would never allow this in NJ. This is why there is not one Democrat State that has a successful statewide tuition relief program.

The proposals in NJ Legislature are for a pilot program of 2-8 thousand students and most of those students must be former public-school students. Furthermore, Democrats have had absolute control over Trenton for the last 6 years, why didn’t they provide tuition relief until now?

• If Schnall is pro-school funding, why didn’t he help Aron Lang?

Aron Lang has been singlehandedly fighting NJ’s funding formula in court for the last several years. Schnall has now adopted Lang’s campaign, even coining the new slogan “funding justice.” Yet when Schnall could have helped, he didn’t. Schnall never lent the support of Aguda’s legal team to help Lang in his battle for more funding. 

• If Schnall will vote as “a Ben Torah” why is he attacking Thomson’s vote against Murphy’s budget?

Thomson voted against the budget because it contained funding for abortions and other Toaiva stuff that cannot be elaborated on. Schnall is well aware of this. Yet he persists in attacking him. Imagine a person who goes by “Rabbi” attacking a Catholic for standing up for his beliefs. More importantly, Schnall is saying that “Ben Torah” notwithstanding, for the right price he will vote for any budget no matter what it contains. This would cause a Chilul Hashem and antisemitism. This approach of voting for things that are against our beliefs for supposed financial gain is typical Schnall. Schnall has famously said that R’ Avigdor Miller was a Daas Yochid even though he can’t produce a single quote from R’ Moshe or Yaakov or any of our Gedolim, not in line with Rabbi Miller’s approach to voting. 

• In the past the Vaad has said that Thomson saved bussing 

It has always been the position of the Vaad that we support incumbents no matter what, so that future incumbents know we will stand behind them if they support us. Thomson has been loyal to the Lakewood Community. For example, the Vaad has credited him in the past with saving bussing.

In fact, Schnall in a LinkedIn post wrote how the bussing was a “Republican Sponsored Bill.”

• A Win for Schnall is a Win for the Democratic Party 

The Democratic Party has never been as hateful to religious people and their beliefs as they are now. The party is now a hotbed of antisemitism as evidenced by the love many of its members are showing Hamas and terrorist supporters. This is not the time to reward a party that opposes everything we stand for.

• If Schnall is such an effective askan, why hasn’t he arranged a pardon for R’ Asher Eisenmann?

In 2021 then Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Citarelli pledged to pardon R’ Asher Eisenmann. Nonetheless Schnall endorsed Murphy. Schnall is so close with Governor Murphy that he regularly “texts him.” He is also close to Gary Schaer, the Assembly Speaker, and considers him “a mentor.” Yet despite this Schnall has been unable to get a pardon for R’ Asher Eisenmann. But sure, he will be able to convince Trenton to shower 500 million dollars on Lakewood. Yearly

• Schnall is attacking Thomson for “doing nothing.” When Politicians, especially Democrats “do something," we all suffer. 

Schnall is attacking Thomson for voting against the budget despite the millions it ostensibly gives to our community. Schnall is always promoting the government doing or giving something. However, most frum people who vote Republican do so because they recognize that there is no free lunch; either you pay for it with taxes or inflation. Lakewood voters are familiar with this; the Coles-Lichtenstein regime (the main people backing Schnall) raised taxes 10% last year. Schnall wouldn’t agree that government spending causes inflation. He famously said, “there’s no evidence that the food boxes caused inflation.” The evidence is in your grocery bill.

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Anonymous said...

Lakewood Shopper says, When in doubt, follow the money trail.

To some of the local media, as Winston Churchill told Lady Astor, what you are we have determined, now it's just haggling over the price.

How much should one trust what some of the local media.

Read all about it in the Lakewood Shopper.

Title of the article "Why we flipped"?

Cohen Y said...

Though it was really G B Shaw who made that retort

Anonymous said...

Schnall's MO is the "Sherrer Doctrine." Sherrer's formula was if we can get money for Mosdos, vote for him. It was regardless of the candidate's stance on Toevah issues.
Rav Avigdor Miller was strongly opposed to this mehalech.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the money trail.Does one wonder how the Federal Government is getting scammed all these year's

Anonymous said...

Even the esnan that he's getting for his sell-out is illusory. Besides for the fact that by accepting the esnan we would be (in the words of the Brisker Rov) נותנים המפטח לתורה ביד מחרביה, (just look at the situation in NY, not to mention the medinoh) there's not even the monetary gain. In the places where tuition relief went through, the result was a net rise in tuition.

סרנו ממצותיך ולא שוה לנו!

גוט שבת

On Fri, Oct 27, 2023, 11:05 AM wrote:


Again, just to clarify:

Joining the Dems is terrible, unless the candidate in question would be truly good on policy, in which case there would be at least what to deliberate about.

In this case, we know Avi Schnall won't be good. Because his unconcealed goal is to do what he does best: schnorr government money, and advance a communal addiction to government esnan, all the while positioning himself as the go-to Orthodox gatekeeper, harvesting frum votes and support for the abomination-proponents busy buying us off with our own tax-dollars.

So it's not so much a matter of party but rather one of core moral principles, especially relevant to LGBT and abortion/ trafficking, which he obviously sees as fair game to sell out on. Just look at what he has raised awareness about, and all the morality related legislation that he has - at best - ignored in his Aguda lobbying ca

frozy said...

People talking about trading abortion for money assume that the Aguna's stance is ordinary to oppose legalizing abortion. That's a mistake. The Agudah's position has been pro-choice since at least 1992

See for instance
"Where Abortion Is an Expression of Free Exercise of Religion -- Abortion Should Remain a "Fundamental" Constitutional Right"