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As previously reported here on FAA News, Lipa Klein currently enjoys a cozy annual $75,000 Shuttle Bus Liaison position.

Lipa received this position after agreeing to allow Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and Rabbi Avi Schnall to bring Governor Phil Murphy to Belz for a campaign stop.

As previously reported here on FAA News, just days ago, Lipa returned the favor of receiving his job by bringing Rabbi Schnall to Rav Pinchas Vind, the Belzer Dayan for a show of support.

In return for getting the Belzer Dayan's support for Rabbi Schnall, Township officials today doubled Lipa's Shuttle Bus Liaison salary!

Back in March 2022, Lipa told the LDC that he wanted the job of Shuttle Bus Liaison.

Board Member Albert Isaac Akerman, who also serves on the Township Committee, questioned why there is a need for a separate Shuttle Bus Liaison when the Township should already be covering the needs for this service through Public Works.

Board Chairman Abe Mueller also questioned why the LDC is being asked to spend so much money on such a position.

Board Member Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg responded that he doesn't know the answer, but that since this proposal came to his desk he does want to go forward with it.

Today, following Lipa's getting the Belzer Dayan to support Rabbi Schnall, it was a very different storyline.

LDC Executive Director David Klein told the Board of Trustees that the Executive Board recently discussed the Shuttle Bus Liaison position and they felt that due to increased ridership of the buses, Lipa's salary should be doubled to $150,000 annually, and that he should be awarded a two year contract instead of just a one year contract.

LDC Chairman Mueller agreed, saying that, "this is an excellent proposal with a lot of merit. The bussing has been extremely successful and the staffing is needed."

The LDC Board of Trustees then unanimously voted to double Lipa's salary and give him a two year contract. Lipa was present at the meeting and did not speak following the big vote.

The proposal will require approval from the Lakewood Township Committee and the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority. The LDC Board approved submitting the necessary application to the Township and State.

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Anonymous said...

What a disgusting chutzpah!!

Why should so much of our hard earned taxpayer dollars be used by our politicians to repay a political favor??

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS is way over the top for this kind of job. The establishment plays with our money like it’s no different than play monopoly money. They show total disregard for any normal considerations. Throw the bums out once and for all. Their corruption stinks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for him!

Remember to vote demoCRAP.
The rabbi’s wallets are counting on your vote

Anonymous said...

Is Meir L. behind this?
They put out a request for bids at $75,0000.00

Anonymous said...

It looks like many more tax abatements should be given by lakewood township, so they could really screwl all the taxpayers big time.

Anonymous said...

This is corruption I should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

I see this site sounds very anti Lakewood, all negative news about Lakewood is posted on this site, this is the first positive news I see about Lakewood taking care of someone who dedicates to serve our community. It's just written in a negative way. Keep it up, Lakewood askunim, let's make sure the people who works hard for the community gets paid, and we can use much more public transit for our town

Anonymous said...

It's so easy to cry victim we see it happening in Gaza, the fact is the corruption hurts everybody.