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Rabbi Avi Schnall's election campaign, which is legally managed by Meir Lichtenstein - a Lakewood Township Committeeman - and Steve Secare - also the attorney for the Township of Lakewood - is currently under investigation by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for allegedly falsifying election campaign filings, FAA News has learned.

In early October, Lakewood residents began to get dropped with mass texts, flyers, mailings, videos and paid news articles advertising Schnall's campaign. A “Paid for by Schnall for 30th Assembly” disclaimer is clearly visible on the left side of these mailers.

Shockingly, despite disclosing on the flyers who paid for these flyers, on October 10th, Schnall filed reports with the Election Law Enforcement Commission asserting that he had so far only raised $100 and had spent $0 on his campaign!

Oddly, despite additional advertising and additional VIP gatherings to garnish support for Schnall, on Wednesday October 25, Schnall filed an updated report with the Election Law Enforcement Commission still claiming to have not raised more than $100. The filing also listed unpaid debt for digital and print advertisements of $33,087.71. This included a $6,000 invoice which was dated October 6 - before the October 10 report showing $0 spent was filed.

Noting this scandalous discrepancy, according to a report by POLITICO’s Matt Friedman, the Republican State Committee filed a complaint with the Election Law Enforcement Commission alleging that those expenses should have been disclosed on Schnall’s initial 29-day pre-election report, initially filed Oct. 10.

“It is contrary to the entire purpose of ELEC for persons and entities to fund and publish political communications without disclosing who paid for them, and for candidates running for political office to flagrantly violate the law requiring disclosure of contributions and expenses in an election,” reads the committee’s complaint.

Another concerning issue that additional ad campaigns which were published by the The Voice of Lakewood include a disclaimer word the tag line “Our Voice," however, there is nothing filed on ELEC for a group called “Our Voice."

The Republicans' complaint alleges that Schnall did not properly disclose his finances and suggests he was illegally coordinating with an independent expenditure group. 

Immediately following the filing of this complaint, on Thursday, Schnall rushed to file an amended report showing that he has so far raised $116,543.01. On Friday, Schnall filed yet another amended report showing that he has already raised $126,483.20!


The Chillul Hashem and A'ivah that this campaign has already caused - and continues to cause - simply isn't worth the few dollars of claimed tuition relief that Rabbi Schnall claims you'll get.

It's understandable why Avi Schnall would want to hide his donors. Yet, as this campaign is a real stick in the face to Republicans as he is trying very hard to take away one of their secure seats, who were obviously going to poke deeply into his report filings, it's pretty ironic that Schnall was careless and didn't file his reports properly.

Notable contributions include:

Hudi Alter, Avenues, $2,500

Israel Birnbaum, Parkwood Capital, $5,200

Shaindy Birnbaum, $5,200

Yaakov Friedman, First Healthcare Management Co., $1,000

Joseph Heinemann, Health Alliance Services, $2,500

David Mashinsky, Dynamic Design, $2,000

Robert Meisner, Precision Healthcare, $2,500

Thomas Rosenberg, RCF, $5,000

Schaer for Assembly $10,000

Eliezer Scheiner, TL Management, $5,200

Heather Scheiner, Prospect Park Yeshiva, $5,200

Sarah Scheiner, homemaker, $5,200

Hannah Stefansky, HS, $1,000

Jeremy Steinmetz, SAS Healthtech, $5,200

Estee Stern, homemaker, $5,200

Moshe Stern, Prestige Healthcare, $5,200

Nathan Stern, Apex, $5,200

Nechama Stern, homemaker, $5,200


Maurice Wolf, MWNJ Properties LLC, $5,200

Baila Zeldes, homemaker, $5,000

Shlomo Zeldes, Avacare Medical, $5,200

Shraga Zeldes, Nutrastar, $5,000

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Anonymous said...

Hope he wins what a great person sacrificing for the klal

Malky Pollack said...

Disgraceful Chillul Hashem!

For the sake of achdus, Avi should step down from this race of division.

Hope he looses said...

I’m praying everyday that Avi looses and flops on his face!!!

ab said...

When 3 families fund a campaign, you need to follow the money and understand who will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that NONE (besides Heineman and Sheiner) of the people who hosted a fundraiser for him are listed as donors!

Anonymous said...

De Ja Vu,

This is not the first (nor the last) Chilul Hashem the Vaad and their backers have made.

It goes hand in hand with their lies, all on the backs of the gullible yingerlait.

Another little bit the chasidim will wake up to how the Higher ups took them for a ride, and they'll take over the political wheels of fortune.

Anonymous said...

Policy disagreements are OK. But why would you be happy that a Yid is going through legal trouble

Anonymous said...

Avi Schnall, get you hand out of my pocket.

Avi Schnall, don't play with my religion as an orthodox Jew.

Avi Schnall, you must be color-blind, as you don't see any red-lines

that you should not cross.

Avi Schnall, when you say "trust me", I can be sure that i'll feel the pain.....

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:21pm and Anon 3:29pm

Avi Schnall has an interesting habit of being happy when certain other yidden are in legal trouble...

Anonymous said...

Avi, You must realize that a diaper can cover only so much.

It's leaking all over, the stench is unbearable, how many innocents do you intend to take down with you?

Anonymous said...

The Vaad parked a 20 foot box truck with voting garbage signs in front of the Forest Bais Medrash and took away some 3-4 parking spaces, all in the name of Torah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57,

I was incensed at the Vaad’s (or whomever they hired) inconsideration towards the lomdei torah that were forced to engage in bittul torah by wasting unnecessary time because they can had to locate other parking spots. It’s a terrible chutzpah to take away valuable and limited parking spaces over the course of several days from the Adirei Hatorah. The Vaad’s stupid recommendations are not more important than limud hatorah!